Chapter 20 - University Prizes

  1. Introduction
    1. Prizes play an important part in recognising in a public way high levels of student achievement, primarily through academic excellence but also in some instances through the quality of contribution to other aspects of University life.
    2. Prizes are an important element in the University's strategy for engaging local and national companies in the life of the University. For those who receive them, prizes enhance their relationship with the University, hopefully well into the future. In addition, they give individual donors the opportunity to make a gift to the University for a variety of reasons, often of a quite personal nature.
    3. The Senate has agreed to devolve its day-to-day powers to the Faculty Board for the approval of new prizes, changes to conditions and nominations for award. The relevant Dean of Faculty will normally act on behalf of the Board in the approval of new prizes and changes to conditions. The relevant Dean of Faculty has devolved authority for nominations for award to Colleges.
    4. The context of prizes as outlined in 1.2 above implies that the University's Global Advancement Department has a particular role to play in facilitating the establishment of new prizes and supporting the continuing effectiveness of existing ones.
    5. The establishment, award and conditions of all prizes must be in line with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy of the University.
  2. Establishment of new prizes
    1. All new prizes must be established through Communication and Marketing Services, in consultation with the donor and the College or other University unit involved. At the successful conclusion of the negotiation phase, the details of the new prize must be reported on a form available from Communication and Marketing Services or Faculty Office (to download this form select Establishment of a New Prize).
    2. The completed form must be emailed to the Faculty Office.
    3. If the prize is to be given in the form of a cheque or books, the monetary value should not be less than £50 per year.
    4. Approval for the new prize must be sought from the relevant Dean of Faculty, acting on behalf of the Faculty Board.
    5. Once approval has been secured, the Faculty Office will inform:

      a) the College or University unit concerned
      b) Global Advancement, who will inform the donor and arrange any necessary receipt of funds
      c) and will also ensure an entry for the new prize is inserted in the Calendar.
    6. Using the details contained within the form, the Faculty Office will enter the information into the central prizes database.
    7. Details of all University and College prizes are published in Part 2 of the Calendar. Towards the middle of each Spring Term, the Faculty Office will circulate details of each prize available for award. Colleges are asked to check that these details are correct and inform the Faculty Office immediately of any changes.
  3. Award of prizes
    1. The College Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean or the Chair of the Board of Studies (as appropriate) should make a nomination for the award of a prize using the Award of Prize Form (to download this form, please select Award of Prize).
    2. Those nominating prize-winners must ensure that the conditions for award have been met.
    3. The process to follow for payment of the award will depend on where the prize fund sits, as follows:

      a) If the fund sits with sits with the College/ Department/ Faculty then the prize request needs to be processed through Accounts Payable. The completed finance form should be sent to Accounts Payable who will arrange payment according to the instructions provided (to download this form, please select How do I complete a payment form). The payment request form should be completed in full with valid bank details and submitted with backing documentation giving details of the claim; this should be signed by an authorised signatory. Contact Accounts Payable or the College/Service Finance administrators for details of the correct authorised signatory. If the award is to be paid into a foreign bank account then the Foreign Payment request form must be completed.

      b) If the fund sits with Global Advancement, the College/ College finance team should firstly have checked that funding remains available and then after prizes have been paid, request reimbursement for the prizes awarded by sending details and a summary to Global Advancement will reimburse the college(s) by journaling funds to the T1 project code that was used to pay the prize.
    4. Details of the award of the prize should be entered on the student’s record via the College Prizes Application in the Student Record System (SRS) as ‘Prize name, amount’ for inclusion on the student's final transcript and Higher Education Achievement Report (to request access to this system, please contact the Student Records Team. For instructions on how to use it, see Adding prizes to student records).
    5. The donor should also be informed. This will be done either by Global Advancement or by the College and details should be included in the Award of Prize Form.
  4. Change of conditions
    1. Changes to the conditions of the award of a prize require the approval of the relevant Dean of Faculty, proposed via a form available for the purpose from the Faculty Office or the Global Advancement Donor Relations Officer. (Download form: Change of Conditions.)
    2. Such changes should carry the support of the donor and must be notified to the Global Advancement Donor Relations Officer.
    3. Any proposal for revaluing the prize should also be discussed with Global Advancement.
  5. Discontinuation of prizes
    1. From time to time it may be necessary to discontinue a prize, particularly if the value no longer supports the primary objective of the prize or funding has been withdrawn completely.
    2. To confirm the discontinuation of a prize, the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of College or unit involved must complete the appropriate form available from the Faculty Office or Global Advancement. This process should include, where appropriate, the expressed support of the donor (download form: Discontinuation of Prizes).
    3. The Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of College must ensure that the timescale for the discontinuation process is such that no approved award to a student is outstanding.

  Last reviewed May 2022

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