This section provides links to information for online programmes and those held in partnership with Keypath Education, which has been merged into the main TQA Manual and University Calendar: 

  1. Registration 
    1. Please refer to General Regulation 4.6regarding any required amendments to a student’s Registration Form, such as home and term-time address, as well as the point of contact for students regarding such amendments.  
  2. Approval and Revision of Taught Modules and Programmes Handbook 
    1. This provides further information and guidance regarding programme approval and amendment, including for online programmes. 
  3. Assessment, progression and awarding committees (APAC) 
    1. This details further information about recommendations for the timing of APACs for online programmes. 
  4. Progression 
    1. This details further information regarding deferral and condonement for online programmes. 
  5. Consequences of failure in assessment 
    1. This details further information regarding referral online programmes. 
  6. External Examining Handbook 
    1. This details further information about modes of attendance at APACs, which can include attending either virtually (online) or physically (in person). 
  7. Quality Review and Enhancement Framework 
    1. This details further information about the requirements to include online programmes within Teaching Excellence Action Plan (TEAP) and Teaching Excellence Monitoring (TEM) processes. 
  8. Attendance 
    1. The University sets out its requirements for students to be ‘in attendance’ via Ordinance 6andGeneral Regulation 2. Students following online programmes must engage with their studies throughout the programme.  
  9. Student Cases 
    1. The University’s procedures for handling individual student cases typically include meetings of panels or committees, at later stages, to consider appropriate actions. The student in question often has a right to attendance at such meetings.  
    2. The University will make its best efforts to enable online students to participate in any relevant meetings by telephone or online, as an alternative to physical attendance as outlined in the links below. This principle should be extended to any other meeting or panel which is involved in a student case, and to which a student who was on campus would be invited to attend: 
      1. The Disciplinary Procedure – Non-academic Misconduct 
      2. The University of Exeter Policy and Procedures for Fitness to Practise (FtP) 
      3. Other relevant policies include; 
        1. The Health Wellbeing and Support for Study Procedures (HWSSP) 
        2. The Procedures Relating to Student Academic Appeals 
        3. The Student Complaints Procedure 
          Please note, the proceedings of any such committee or panel will not be invalidated simply as a result of the student not attending. 


If you are looking for further guidance, please email,  


August 2023



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