Annex H - Template for reporting on the internal review of degree classifications


1         Purpose of the report

2         Process of review including external assurance

3         Presentation and analysis of University degree classification profile

3.1   Five year trends in degree classifications

3.2   Five years comparative trends by Higher Education sector

3.3   Five year comparative trends by demographic groups

4         Presentation and analysis of changes to:

4.1   Teaching and learning practices

4.2   Teaching and learning resources

4.3   Assessment and marking practices

4.4   Degree algorithms and awarding decisions

5         Good practice and actions to respond to grade inflation

6         Good practice and actions to address awarding gaps

7         Policy change impact assessment

7.1   Exceptional Years

7.2   Enhancement of quality and standards

8         Futures risks and challenges

Separate reports to be prepared for:

  • Undergraduate awards - Term 1
  • Postgraduate taught awards - Term 2

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