Annex H - Template for reporting on the internal review of degree classifications


1         Purpose of the report

2         Process of review including external assurance

3         Presentation and analysis of University degree classification profile

3.1   Five-year trends in degree classifications

3.2   Five-year comparative trends by Higher Education sector

3.3   Five-year comparative trends by demographic groups

4         Presentation and analysis of changes to:

4.1   Teaching and learning practices

4.2   Teaching and learning resources

4.3   Assessment and marking practices

4.4   Degree algorithms and awarding decisions

5         Good practice and actions to respond to grade inflation

6         Good practice and actions to address awarding gaps

7         Policy change impact assessment

7.1   Exceptional Circumstances

7.2   Enhancement of quality and standards

8         Futures risks and challenges

Separate reports to be prepared for:

  • Undergraduate awards - By the end of Term Two
  • Postgraduate taught awards - By the end of Term Three

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