Annex B - Examination major incident procedures

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This procedure relates to examinations managed by the central Examinations Office at the Streatham and Penryn Campuses. If a major incident is experienced by a Faculty hosting their own examination, the Faculty will take steps to contact the Examinations Office as a matter of urgency and the following procedure can be followed if deemed appropriate.

A major examination incident is classified as: an event which requires the abandonment of an examination due to environment disruption (such as a fire alarm or other total evacuation of the venue), an issue with the examination paper which (with Faculty advice) has rendered the entire examination void or other exceptional disruption which has affected the entire cohort sitting the examination (see Step 1 below).

Note: Arrangements agreed for students affected by a major incident resulting from environmental causes (i.e. disruption within a specific venue) will not be applied to students taking the same examination in an alternative venue.

Step 1
Major Incident takes place affecting the entire cohort/substantial number of students of a summative examination (over 10% towards the final mark).

Step 2
Students are advised verbally in/outside the examination hall/venue of the termination of an examination (if students have to leave the hall) or if they are all affected by an incident in the hall they will be told that this will be considered by their Faculty and they will be advised of next steps.For an online examination, students will be advised by email / via Assessment Helpdesk if an online examination must be terminated. 

Step 3
The Examinations Office immediately following the examination send a holding email to the affected students (pulling data on those attending in the affected venue) advising them that an incident has happened in the examination venue or examination environment which will be reported to the Faculty and this will be taken into account when assessing work completed during the examination.1

Students should be advised that a decision relating to the incident will be communicated to students within three working days. Email copied to the Students’ Guild Vice President Education/ Students' Union President Exeter, Senior Education Partner and Associate Pro- Vice Chancellor for Education in affected Faculty(s), Dean for Taught Students, Director of Education and Student Support, the Director of Commerical, Residential and Campus Services, Head of Student Administration.  For Penryn Campuses, the Business Manager for Penryn campuses, if necessary.

Step 4
A copy of the incident report is scanned and emailed immediately to the Dean’s office, the Vice President Education, Senior Education Partner and Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor Education for affected Faculty(s), the Director of Commerical, Residential and Campus Services, Head of Student Administration and for Penryn campuses, the Business Manager for Penryn campuses, if necessary.  

Step 5
The Education Policy, Quality and Standards arranges for the case to be reviewed within 24 hours and no more than two working days following the examination. Attendees to include Guild, Education Officer (Vice President)2, the module convenor, Senior Education Partner, Dean or Faculty representative. Video-link to Penryn if required. Minutes taken by the Faculty/Dean’s Office and the outcome is communicated to attendees.

Step 6
Faculty advises the affected student cohort of the decision of the case conference within three working days of the examination taking place.

1See below for template

2The Education Officer (Vice President) has responsibility for representing the affected students at this meeting and liaising on this basis in advance of the date.


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