Awarding of Taught Students

For information relating to Assessment, Progression and Awarding policy please refer to the Teaching and Quality Assurance Manual.

Awarding and Approval Process

Once a student has been recommended for award by the College APAC (Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committee) and their progression and award details have been recorded in SITS, the final stage in the awarding process is the formal approval of the award by the the Vice Chancellor and Academic Dean for Students.

Award Lists for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students are prepared by Student Records and sent for approval weekly throughout the year. Please note that the award lists are sent for approval electronically and it can take up to 5 working days for awards to be fully approved and processed. Final documents (certificate or transcript) cannot be issued to students until their award has been fully approved.

Preparation of Award Lists

Award lists are produced by Student Records on a weekly basis throughout the year, except during University closure periods and in the month leading up to Senate (at the end of Term 3).

As the lists are produced on the first working day (Monday, unless there is a bank holiday or closure day, in which case the next working day is used) of the week it is important that all necessary information is entered into the students’ records by the end of the day on the Friday before the award date.

Data Required for Awarding

Student Records run the award list report based on the data entered into SPI and SAW screens by the Colleges when a student completes and if the Batch field is not populated the award will be ignored:

FieldValueInstructions For Use
Award Year 2016/7 You should enter new data into the students SPI record for the current academic year. The only exception is for reassessment students where you must use their current year REASS record.
Batch Date DDMMYY The batch date field must be in DDMMYY format. Those records with a batch date that falls within the date range since the last VCEG (normally the previous seven days) will be retrieved for the Award List.
APAC decision PC Where students have completed their programme of study the progress code ‘PC’ should be used, if the student has previously withdrawn and is receiving a lesser degree their progress code should not be amended.
Process Status Incomplete This field is never to be altered by the Colleges; it is for Student Records use only.
SAW Status P Awards will only go forward for approval if they have a status of P.
Award Date First working day of the week The award date is used to retrieve students for inclusion on the award list (as above).

It is also important to note that under no circumstances should Colleges be making changes to SAW records once the Status field is set to A for agreed or CONF for conferred by Student Records. Please consult with Student Records if a change is required at this stage.

For more information on what data to enter in either the SPI or SAW screens please contact SID or refer to the SITS training notes page.

Research Degree Awards

Award Lists for Research Programmes are prepared by the Postgraduate Administration Office and signed by the Vice Chancellor regularly during term-time.  Please contact the Postgraduate Administration Office should you have any queries.


Following their award, students can choose whether to receive the degree certificate at a Graduation Ceremony or in absentia, where they are eligible to attend. For further information about Graduation Ceremonies and eligibility please visit the Graduation website.

Please note that certificates and transcripts are produced by the SID Team.