Taught change of circumstances forms

Interruptions & Withdrawals for Taught students

Students should complete the SID online form with their College administrator (either in person or over the phone). Or, if this is not possible, the student can access the relevant form by logging into SID using their usual username and password.

Change of programme for Taught students

In the following cases, Colleges should not provide change of programme forms, but instead direct students to the Admissions Team in the Laver Building (8th floor) to obtain a specific form and Admissions approval:

  • Undergraduates in their first year of study wishing to change programmes (within their first year), or
  • Undergraduates re-starting year one on a different programme of study

Other taught students should contact their college/department office either directly or through SID to request the change, they will be issued with a change of programme form (generated from SITS) which they should complete and return.

Change of Programme for Tier 4 Students: In order to ensure that changes of programme for Tier 4 students comply with UKVI rules regarding length of study, all changes of programme for Tier 4 students must be sent to the UKVI Compliance team once the college has approved them (this will be indicated on the change of programme form when required).

Advice and Information for Students

Information and guidance for students changing programme will be provided with the change of programme form. Students can discuss changes to the programme of study, or the non-academic implications withdrawing or interrupting their studies, with the Students’ Guild Advice Unit.

International students are also advised to contact the International Student Support Office for advice and guidance about the immigration and other non-academic implications of changing programme.

Information for Staff

Authorised Change of Programme Approvers

The following staff are authorised to approve student changes of programme for their disciplines. Students should contact their college/discipline admin teams to request a change of programme form and for advice on who should sign it.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies 

  • Rob Freathy - Politics ADE
  • Karen Scott – Politics, Penryn
  • David Lewis - Politics
  • Stephen Greasley - Politics – MPA (Applied Studies)
  • Nigel Pleasants - Sociology/Philosophy/Anthropology
  • David Morning - Sociology/Philosophy/Anthropology
  • Frederic Rolland - LLB European Maitrise (Law)
  • Richard Bowyer - Law
  • Nathan Tamblyn - Law
  • Alexandra Allan - Education
  • Anthony Wilson - MA Education
  • Lise Storm - Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Christine Robins - Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Patrick Porter - Strategy and Security 
  • Samantha Hurn - Anthrozoology
  • Julien Dugnoille - Anthrozoology 
  • Lisa Fripp - PGCE
  • Issie Hatfield - Study abroad/European Study/International Study
  • Julia Paci - Work/Employment Experience abroad

University of Exeter Business School

  • Beate Wilmhurst - Management
  • Sarah Rose - Management
  • Chen Lim - Accounting 
  • Jack Rogers - Economics
  • David Boughey - Associate Dean (Education)
  • Jane Knox (on behalf of Directors of Education and Associate Dean of Education)
  • Study Abroad Coordinators - for changes to programmes with Study Abroad
  • WIE Coordinator - for changes to programmes with Industrial Experience
  • Stephen Hickman - Business School, Penryn
  • Stephano Pascucci - Business School, Penryn

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

  • Barrie Cooper - Mathematics
  • Andrew Gilbert - Mathematics
  • David Wakeling - Computer Science
  • Nicolas Pugeault - Computer Science
  • Charles Williams - Physics
  • Maria Marsico - Engineering
  • Akbar Javadi - Engineering
  • Pat Foster - Mining and Geology, Penryn
  • Richard Cochrane - Renewable Energy, Penryn
  • Geoff Nash - Natural Sciences
  • Tracy Burns
  • Stuart Townley - Mathematical Sciences, Penryn
  • Sarah Henson
  • Pete Vukusic - ADE - Maths/Mining and Geology/Renewables

College of Humanities

  • Marion Gibson - ADE
  • Stephen Rippon - Archaeology
  • Alan Outram - Archaeology
  • Matthew Wright - Classics & Ancient History
  • Fiona Macbeth - Drama
  • Eddie Jones - English / Film Studies
  • Catherine Rider - History (Term 1)
  • Matthew Rendle - History (Term 2)
  • David Houston Jones - Modern Languages / History & Visual Culture
  • Jason Baskin - Humanities, Penryn
  • Louise Lawrence - Theology & Religion
  • Mike Finn - Liberal Arts
  • Florence Gomez - Liberal Arts
  • Steve Bassett - Study Abroad

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

  • Sean Carter - Geography
  • Stewart Barr - Geography
  • Henry Buller - Geography
  • Angela Gallego-Sala - Geography (Study abroad)
  • Steve Palmer - Geography (Professional Placement)
  • Nicky King - Natural Sciences
  • Mark Ramsdale - Biosciences
  • Cris Burgess - Psychology
  • Avril Mewse - Psychology
  • Richard Winsley - Sport and Health Sciences
  • Daryl Wilkerson - Sport and Health Sciences
  • Sarah Hodge - CLES Penryn
  • Andy McGowan - CLES Penryn
  • Dave Hodgson - CLES Penryn ADE

University of Exeter Medical School

  • Reza Zamani - Medical Sciences
  • Emma Taylor - Medical Sciences
  • Karen Knapp - Medical Imaging
  • Sue McAnulla - Medical Imaging
  • Alison Curnow - Environment and Human Health
  • Anna Murray - Genomic Medicine
  • Vikki Moye - Genomic Medicine
  • Malcolm Hilton - Extreme Medicine
  • Alex Harding - Clinical Education
  • Rob Anderson - Applied Health Services Research

International Office

  • Bela Coelho-Knapp - Incoming Exchange
  • Clare Crick - Incoming Exchange

Flexible Combined Honours

  • Rachel Hogden - Director FCH
  • Lizzie Hustwayte