Chapter 7 - Periods of study and changes to registration status for taught postgraduate students

  1. Introduction
    1. The duration of each taught programme is fixed, and students are expected to complete their studies within the terms of the programme and the modules they study. In exceptional circumstances, there may be a case for granting an extension, or allowing a student to withdraw from study entirely.
    2. Extensions and withdrawals may have implications for the fees students pay. Advice should be sought from the Student Finance Office.
    3. As detailed in the regulations for taught postgraduate programmes, all module credit has a stated period during which it can continue to count for credit accumulation purposes. Where the period will elapse by the time of the completion of the programme, the Dean of the relevant Faculty has discretion to determine the conditions, if any, under which the student may retain credit.
  2. Duration of modules
    1. Each module shall have a fixed duration within which all work must be submitted.
    2. Within each academic year, the final deadline for submission of assessed work for all modules, including dissertation modules, should normally be no later than 15 September or nearest working day thereafter. Colleges can set earlier submission dates as appropriate. Students should refer to their College/Programme handbook for specific deadlines for their programme.
    3. Colleges wishing to set deadlines beyond 15 September, should first contact the Assistant Director Residential Services with regard to accommodation issues for postgraduate students.
  3. Extensions to modules and programmes
    1. Periods of study for taught programmes are defined by the credit expiry period for each module. Therefore, requests for extensions relate only to individual modules. An extension to an individual module will not therefore always mean an extension to the overall duration of the programme.
    2. Extensions to individual modules should be approved by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of College or nominee as required by the late submission of coursework procedures as stipulated in the Assessment, Progression and Awarding Handbook for Taught Programmes. The College should confirm the terms of the extension with the student in writing and a copy should be forwarded to Student Records for updating the student record.
    3. Extensions for the submission of assessed work, including for the dissertation module, should be commensurate with the reason for the request. For example, where a request for extension is based on certified illness for one week, an extension of one week should be granted.
    4. Where an extension to a module necessitates an increase to the overall duration of the student's studies such that the completion of a programme extends into the following academic year, or subsequent academic year for part-time students, students will be required to re-register.
    5. Students wishing to apply for an extension to a module may do so by completing the appropriate form, available from the College.
    6. Extensions to individual modules are handled within the College.
  4. Termination of registration
    1. On termination of registration, a student ceases to be a student of the University, and all academic rights and responsibilities are ended. Students are reminded that any fees and fines owed to the University at withdrawal remain due.
    2. Students living in University accommodation should note that withdrawal from the programme of study does not automatically terminate the accommodation contract. Attention should be given to the section of the withdrawal form dealing with this matter.
    3. Students withdrawing from a programme may have accumulated enough credit to be awarded a qualification other than that for which the student was registered. This will depend on the credit accumulation and award rules for the programme.
    4. In exceptional circumstances, and for good and documented reasons, a College may initiate the termination of a student's registration. In such cases, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of College must present a case to the relevant Dean of Faculty, giving the reasons for the request, the documentary evidence fitting the circumstances, and a description of the actions already taken. Under such circumstances a student may be deemed withdrawn.

Last reviewed July 2020

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