Chapter 6 - Review and Renewal or Termination

  1. Review and Renewal or Termination
    1. The Review Process
      1. Each partnership agreement must include an end date to the formal relationship, and should include a timescale for the review of the relationship in order to determine whether it is renewed.
      2. Where no timescale for review is included in the partnership agreement, it is recommended that reviews commence 1 year before the partnership is due to end for more complex arrangements, and a minimum of 6 months before the end for more straightforward partnerships.
      3. A full review and consideration of the programme and partner must take place before the Agreement can be renewed. (The exception to this is an on-going renewal of standard study abroad agreements, which often happen annually. Consideration of renewal will be delegated to the Global Opportunities Manager.) The Faculty will need to review the relationship and activities, and determine whether the partnership should be continued. Faculties should consider:
        1. The purpose of the partnership and how successful it has been in achieving its goals;
        2. Student performance and progression;
        3. Whether the quality and reputation of the partner continues to be appropriate;
        4. The commitment of the partner to the relationship;
        5. The Faculty’s ability to make future commitments to the partnership, bearing in mind the associated costs and risks.
        6. Whether a variation to the partnership or additional activity should be discussed with the partner.
    2. The Process for Renewal
      1. Following the review of the partnership, if the College wishes to continue the relationship, then the appropriate Partnership Proposal Form (PPF) needs to be completed and approved following the same process as for new partnerships (see Chapter 4). In some cases, a full PPF may not be required and instead approval for a covering note, outlining any minor changes needed to the original agreement, can be sought. Please contact the Academic Partnerships team or the PGR Quality and Standards team for advice.
      2. If approval is given, then a new Agreement will be created, negotiated, and signed. The time required will depend on the amount and complexity of changes involved.
    3. Ending a Partnership
      1. A partnership may be ended either during the period of the Agreement, in accordance with the conditions, procedures and notice period defined in the Agreement, or at the end of the Agreement when it expires.
      2. Whenever the partnership is terminated, the commitment to, and interests of, the students involved in the partnership must be protected so that they are able to successfully complete their programme.
      3. For agreements that are terminated during the period of operation, a termination letter is drafted to confirm that the partnership is ending. This details any specific matters and actions required to protect the students. Termination letters are written by the Legal Services team, working with the relevant Faculty staff and the Academic Partnerships team. They are signed at University senior management level, and this is normally at the same level as the original legal Agreement.
      4. For agreements that will not be renewed after the expiration date, a letter is sent to the partner informing them that the agreement will not be renewed, and confirming the date when it will end. This letter also clarifies the responsibilities of all partners to any remaining students.
      5. Termination letters may not be required for Agreements relating to an individual student, or for partnerships that have been inactive for a number of years.

Last updated November 2022

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