Chapter 3 - Governance of Academic Partnerships

  1. Governance of Academic Partnerships
    1. New programmes/modules
      1. If an academic partnership involves a new programme or modules/s, the approval must be undertaken separately as per the standard University of Exeter procedures for programme development and approval (see 4.6).
    2. Partnerships Support in Education Policy, Quality and Standards Team (EPQS)
      1. Academic Partnerships within EPQS can be contacted on  for information and advice on UG/PGT/PGR partnerships. 
      2. Academic Partnerships' remit is:
        1. To provide expertise and guidance, specific to quality and standards and governance queries, to colleagues looking to develop an academic partnership with another institution (including non HEIs).
        2. To advise on the development of partnerships, to review PPFs from a quality and standards perspective, to coordinate the stage 3 approvals of PPFs, and to advise on the governance surrounding the renewals of partnerships.
        3. For PGR partnerships, the team can provide mapping/code alignment support and advice, as well as guidance on how to establish an appropriate Partnership Board.
      3. For UK/domestic UG/PGT validation partnerships, Academic Partnerships will arrange and manage the relevant Partnership Board; international and PGR partnerships with Partnership Boards are usually managed by the Faculty/Doctoral College. 

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