About SITS

SITS (Strategic Information Technology Services) is the student record system used by the University and is the UK's leading student and course administration system for Universities and Scottish further education colleges.

SITS manages student administrative processes from enquiries through to graduation and alumni. The system acts as the central point of information on students and their qualifications, and integrates with supporting applications such as finance systems, campus access systems, library systems, estates management, human resource systems and virtual learning environments.

SITS is produced by Tribal.

Who Uses SITS

SITS is used University wide to record information about a student's academic lifestyle from enquiries through to Graduation.

SITS Features

SITS is made up of five module groups, each designed to address the needs of the main business functions within a college or university. Modules are then selected and implemented to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

The five module groups are:


Admissions provides a comprehensive set of components for managing student recruitment. It covers the entire process including the management of all enquiries, agency applications via UCAS, and direct online applications.


Programmes is a set of components designed to manage student curriculum, assessment tracking, examinations, class timetabling, calculation of module results and award classification.


Students is a course registration solution which manages enrolments, fees processing, invoicing, grants and loans, progression, assessment and the administration of student placements.

System Tools

System Tools is at the heart of SITS:Vision solution and it enables users to analyse, process and extract data in a variety of ways to suit business process requirements. The tools are flexible and customisable allowing staff to extract key management information for decision making. The tools utilise the latest innovations in workflow and automation.


e-Vision is a group of web modules used to manage the delivery of data and information from the SITS:Vision client server system to a web portal which can be customised with branding, business processes and academic rules.

(Taken from the Tribal Website)