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The University of Exeter’s education conference, EduExe, is an annual event at which the institution’s learning and teaching community can gather to celebrate and learn about good practice, innovations, and solutions to education challenges.

Colleagues from across the university are invited to contribute to the conference in whatever format they feel will be most insightful and exciting; previous presentations have included talks, facilitated discussions, workshops, plenaries, panels, and posters/stands.

The day is designed to include all those involved in education across the institution—including researchers, lecturers, mentors, support staff, and students—and facilitate stimulating, informative discussions and fruitful collaborations for the future.

As you know, the EduExe conference 2020 was cancelled becasue of Covid19. 

The conference in 2021 will not only have a different format but it will also now be held in September. We'll update the planning after this year's conference.

If you would like to submit a suggestion or request about EduExe, you can send an email to at any time during the academic year.

Starting at EduExe2019, we map all EduExe sessions to the UK Professional Standards Framework, which benchmarks quality in learning and teaching activities. This mapping will help colleagues select sessions most applicable to their CPD needs — which may be particularly valuable to those who are drafting ASPIRE fellowship applications.

In keeping with the institution’s commitment to inclusivity and use of learning technologies, EduExe is live-streamed on the day so that colleagues who are unable to physically attend the event can watch along from any location through their browser. Livestream links are posted on the EduExe webpage and, after the event has finished, these same links will lead to permanent videos that colleagues can access and view at any time.

To support attendance by colleagues in both Devon and Cornwall, organisers explore venue options across all the university’s campuses. The conference has been held at both Penryn and Streatham, with free transport provided to aid travel.

Constraints on room capacity and availability can make it difficult to plan for events of this size in Cornwall or at St Luke’s, but the organising team are open to suggestions to help us make the event equally accessible to all colleagues.

EduExe 2021: There will be face-to-face events in Streatham and Penryn and some online sessions too. 

EduExe is designed to be an inclusive event that is welcoming and accessible to all colleagues—not just lecturers, but also supervisors, mentors, researchers, PTAs/GTAs, and professional services staff; students’ union representatives and students are also warmly welcomed.

Upon registration, delegates are given an opportunity to share food requirements/restrictions and indicate whether they have any accessibility needs for the day.

Contributors are asked to consider inclusivity when designing their presentations to ensure that all audience members can engage with, and contribute to, their sessions. Both attendees and contributors may find it useful to consult the institution’s inclusivity pages for specific guidance.