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The University of Exeter's Academic Practice Network (APN) offers a flexible space for colleagues to meet, share and celebrate good practice through flexible seminars, workshops and other events.  The current schedule of events is listed below.

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Expressions of Interest: The APN is always looking for colleagues to share their practice. The format is flexible, and could accommodate workshops, discussion groups, presentations of research findings, etc. Sessions are usually 50 minutes long, with a member of the Academic Development team present to help facilitate discussion and any activities (as needed). If interested, please contact to register your interest and for further information.

Schedule: All sessions are open to all colleagues, and there is no need to book unless stated otherwise.

Next sessions:

- Information & research skills support at point of need: Active learning in an online & flipped environment 

delivered by Exeter Library - Monday 1o June - 12:30-13:30 - Queens LT4.1

- Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) Statements in Today's Business - Gary Hudson Exeter University Business School

Friday 14th June - 12:30-13:30 - Queens LT4.1

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Date and Time LocationAcademic Practice Sessions
08 March 12:30-13:30 Forum Seminar room 09

Using NVIVO to manage your Literature Review - Dr Karen Kenny (Academic Development)

Karen will take you through the process she used recently, employing NVIVO software to support the writing of a literature review for a small scale project she undertook in the Exeter Education Incubator. She will first introduce the NVIVO platform, showing some of its affordances, as well as its limitations. Then we will work through the process of uploading papers, coding and producing memos, before categorising and producing a framework to facilitate the writing of the review. The framework is converted to a spreadsheet, which can then be manipulated to facilitate speedy write up of the key points from the literature.

18 February 2019 Amory B316

Flipped teaching of technical material - Professor Peter Ashwin (Mathematics)

Many practitioners believe that there are advantages in moving away from traditional delivery of material in lecture format, for example to flipped or blended formats. The latter use videos or other materials to enable educators to focus on learning needs rather than delivering pre-prepared material in the class rather. This may be a challenge for a technically demanding module: indeed, the discipline of learning in lecture format may have advantages for a subject such as mathematics, where it is important to develop the learner’s concentration and ability to follow detailed and extended arguments over many pages. These skills are typically needed to gain access to deeper material. In this session I will share some of my experiences preparing and delivering a technical 4th year mathematics module at Exeter in flipped format. This uses short self-made YouTube videos and live tutorial sessions. I will share feedback so far, as well as some of the obvious (and not so obvious) advantages and pitfalls of delivering material in this format.
12 February 2019 Amory B316

Flipped teaching in a Large First-Year Class - Dr Carlos Cortinhas (Business School)

This session will focus on sharing the experience of adopting a new syllabus on a large class of first-year students (about 500 students) taking Economic Principles. This completely new syllabus was created by ‘crowdsourcing’ through the collaboration of about 88 academics from dozens of universities around the world (for details please go to )



Date & Time


Speakers & Topics

Wed 7 December 2017


Streatham: Northcote House Council Chamber

Developing a Formal “Skills Audit” in Medical Sciences

Dr Emma Taylor (Senior Lecturer in Medical Sciences, Academic Lead for Careers and Employability, and Education Exeter Incubator Fellow)

Academic Support: Education Incubator Project and GEO1309 Study Skills in Human Geography

Dr Matt Finn (Lecturer in Human Geography and Education Exeter Incubator Fellow) and Dr Sean Carter (Associate Professor in Political Geography)

Mon 5 March 2018


Penryn: DM Seminar D

Responding to the challenges of teaching statistics in higher education

A workshop coordinated by Nigel Sainsbury (PhD Researcher in Environmental Science)

Tue 20 March 2018


Streatham: Northcote House Council Chamber

Social Media for Scholars

Dr Caitlin Kight (Academic Development)

Fri 23 March 2018


St Lukes: Baring Court 217

Research Inspired Learning

A panel chaired by Prof Karen Mattick (Professor of Medical Education and Director of PCAP) and Dr Shaun Mudd (Academic Development)

  • Dr Irene Fernandez-Molina (Lecturer in Politics): “Biases in Student Perceptions and Student Evaluations of Teaching”
  • Laura Colombo (PhD Researcher in Management Studies): “Experiences with Critical Management Education”
  • Dr Susannah Cornwall (Senior Lecturer in Constructive Theologies): “Modelling Self-Reflexive Learning via Sharing Research in Draft with Students”
  • Dr Yang Liu (Lecturer in Engineering): “Module Assessment in Engineering: Limitations and Alternative Perspectives”

Organised in collaboration with the Research-Inspired Learning (RIL) Steering Group, the PCAP Programme and the LTHE Programme, and GSE’s Educational Research Conference.

Fri 23 March 2018


Streatham: Forum Exploration Lab 1

St Lukes: North Cloisters 12*

Penryn: DM Seminar K*

* Video-linked

Developing a Research-based Connected Curriculum

Prof Dilly Fung (Professor of HE Development and Director of Arena Centre for Research-Based Education, UCL)

Organised in collaboration with the Research-Inspired Learning (RIL) Steering Group, and GSE’s Educational Research Conference

Wed 18 April 2018


Streatham: Northcote House Council Chamber

Addressing the mathematics gap in Biosciences and beyond

Dr Alison Hill (Senior Lecturer in Biosciences and Education Exeter Incubator Fellow)

Tue 8 May 2018


Penryn: PL Seminar 2

Cornwall Campuses Teaching Forum

Organised by Aveen Hameed (Camborne School of Mines)

Wed 9 May 2018


Streatham: Northcote House Council Chamber

Small group teaching throughout the iGEM competition

Dr Chloe Singleton (Research Fellow in Biosciences)

Fri 18 May 2018


Streatham: Northcote House Council Chamber

Enhancing group work through coaching students in shared leadership and to run self-managing teams

Alex Janes (Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Education Exeter Incubator Fellow)

Mon 11 June 2018


Streatham: Old Library Seminar A/B

Responding to informal student feedback: creating a constructive dialogue

Dr Lisa Alberici (Senior Academic Developer and Director of the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education programme)

Fri 6 July 2018


Streatham: Northcote House Council Chamber

Sharing experiences to help transform practice: Interdisciplinary education for our students

Dr Greta Bosch (Associate Professor in Law)