Academic Personal Tutoring

Every taught student at the University of Exeter is assigned a tutor to provide support for their academic development and progress, and as the first port of call for pastoral guidance. Tutors are not expected to be a specialist advisor but they do have an important role in the themes of transitionprogress and realising ambition. This includes: 

  • Developing and maintaining a safe and confidential relationship with their tutees.
  • Providing advice and support to their tutees in matters related to their academic work and personal development.
  • Working with tutees to find appropriate pathways for guidance and referral to resolve difficulties.
  • Representing the University to their tutees and their tutees to the University.
  • Maintaining effective communication with other support services on behalf of their tutees.

Additional information, advice and guidance including the Group Tutorial Curriculum will usually be provided by the Senior Tutor(s) or Lead Academic Tutor in the tutors discipline. Tutors can also contact their Discipline or Programme Office.  

Tutoring Resources:

There are Tutoring Resources for Academic and Personal Tutors on the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE). This is usually the most useful first port of call for Tutors. This includes resources for signposting students, structuring tutorials and effective coaching strategies. Within these ELE resources you will also find Tutoring Guides and Quick Guides providing detailed guidance on the roles, responsibilities and potential common difficulties that students experience whilst studying at university;

Tutoring Guide 2018-19 Exeter 
Quick Guide to Academic Personal Tutoring 2018-19 Exeter

Tutoring Guide 2018-19 Cornwall 
Quick Guide to Academic Personal Tutoring 2018-19 Cornwall


Training and Development for Tutors:

In class workshops on 'Academic and Personal Tutoring' are available to all academics. For more details of this and other relevant courses, please visit the the learning and development website or contact the Academic Development team at

Online training is available in the Tutoring Resources for Academic and Personal Tutors course including:

1.0 - Roles and Responsibilities of Academic and Personal Tutors
2.0 - Being an Effective Tutor
3.0 - Personal and Academic Tutoring Case Studies
4.0 - Taking Care of Yourself

Online training also includes: Supporting Students: Mental Health, Wellbeing, and the HWSS ProcedureUnsatisfactory Student Progress and Engagement (USPE) and Using the MyProgress Dashboard.

Additional customised sessions can be requested through contacting the Academic Development Team.


Policies and Procedures:

The Academic Tutoring: Code of Good Practice aims to define a consistent role for the academic personal tutor, articulating the benchmark of good practice. However, many students at Exeter are also offered additional provision as part of their tutoring experience.

A comprehensive list of policies realted to student academics and health can be found in the Academic Tutoring Policies and Procedures.


Senior Tutors:

The Academic Development Team facilitates a Senior Tutor Forum and other staff with a key role in relation to tutoring. Please contact if you are interested in attending.