Types of Recording

The Recap system offers four types of recording:

Scheduled In-room recording - recordings are automatically scheduled for all lectures in Recap-enabled rooms through the timetabling system, unless one of the listed lecturers for that module's academic session has opted out.

Recap recordings for timetabled events that are not lectures, for example seminars, can also be scheduled, in order of preference: 

  1. through your college timetabling team
  2. through the central Timetable office
  3. by completing the dedicated Recap "Schedule recording" form in SID under "Log My Own New Enquiry"

You can also request a recording is made when you book a Recap-enabled room via the Web Room Bookings service - please note, you must select the "Recording Equipment - Recap" option on the first page in the "Resources required in a room" dropdown list.


Ad Hoc In-room recording - if a session in a Recap-enabled room is not being recorded, an ad hoc recording can be started by holding down the Recap light.

If you require and ad hoc recording of less than 60 minutes or greater than 60 minutes then please contact AV Support on extension 2230 at Exeter, or 5519 at Penryn.


Personal recording - using the Personal Recorder you are able to carry out recordings in a non-Recap-enabled venue, e.g. in your office, and upload them to your Personal folder in Panopto.


Mobile recording - the Mobile Recorder allows you to make recordings using your mobile device's camera and microphone and upload them to your Personal folder in Panopto.