The rooms listed below are those that are currently enabled for Recap recording.

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Streatham Campus (128 rooms)

Amory (18 rooms):
      Amory A115
      Amory A128
      Amory A239AB
      Amory A239C
      Amory B105
      Amory B106
      Amory B142
      Amory B143
      Amory B218
      Amory B219
      Amory B308
      Amory B310
      Amory B315
      Amory B316
      Amory C417
      Amory C501
      Amory Moot Court (Law only)
      Amory Moot Room

Building:One (8 rooms):
      Bateman Lecture Theatre
      Constantine Leventis
      Marchant Syndicate A
      Matrix Lecture Theatre
      Syndicate C
      Syndicate Room B

Clayden (1 room):
      Clayden G.06

Forum (15 rooms):
      Forum Alumni Auditorium
      Forum Exploration Lab 1
      Forum Exploration Lab 2
      Forum Seminar Room 01
      Forum Seminar Room 02
      Forum Seminar Room 03
      Forum Seminar Room 04
      Forum Seminar Room 05
      Forum Seminar Room 06
      Forum Seminar Room 07
      Forum Seminar Room 08
      Forum Seminar Room 09
      Forum Seminar Room 10
      Forum Seminar Room 11
      Forum Seminar Room 12

Geoffrey Pope (1 room):
      Geoffrey Pope Archaeology Lab

Harrison (13 rooms):
      Harrison 004
      Harrison 007 (Electronics Lab)
      Harrison 101
      Harrison 102
      Harrison 103
      Harrison 106
      Harrison 107
      Harrison 171
      Harrison 203
      Harrison 207 (Computing Lab)
      Harrison 208 (Computing Lab)
      Harrison 209
      Harrison 215

Hatherly Labs (2 rooms):
      Hatherly Labs B10
      Hatherly Labs B12

Hope Hall (1 room):
      Hope Hall G.02 (Water Informatics Teaching Room)

IAIS (4 rooms):
      IAIS LT1
      IAIS LT2
      IAIS Seminar 1
      IAIS Seminar 2

Innovation Centre (2 rooms):
      Innovation Centre Babbage
      Innovation Centre Lovelace

Knightley (1 room):
      Knightley Boardroom

Laver (5 rooms):
      Laver 212
      Laver 218
      Laver 320
      Laver Lecture Theatre 3
      Laver Lecture Theatre 6

Living Systems (1 room):
      Living Systems Seminar Room A

Newman (5 rooms):
      Newman Blue Lecture Theatre (A)
      Newman Collaborative Lecture Theatre (C/D)
      Newman Green Lecture Theatre (E)
      Newman Purple Lecture Theatre (B)
      Newman Red Lecture Theatre (F)

Northcote House (1 room):
      Northcote House Council Chamber

Northcott Theatre (1 room):
      Northcott Theatre

Old Library (12 rooms):
      Old Library 124
      Old Library 128
      Old Library 129
      Old Library 130
      Old Library 131
      Old Library 134
      Old Library 135
      Old Library 136
      Old Library 137
      Old Library PC Cluster (Level -1)
      Old Library Research Seminar Room A/B
      Old Library Research Seminar Room C

Peter Chalk (4 rooms):
      Peter Chalk 1.1
      Peter Chalk 1.6
      Peter Chalk 2.3
      Peter Chalk 2.4

Physics (1 room):
      Physics 124

Queen's (20 rooms):
      Queen's 1A
      Queen's 1B
      Queen's 1C
      Queen's 1H
      Queen's 257
      Queen's Digital Humanities Seminar 1 (B.01)
      Queen's Digital Humanities Seminar 2 (B.02)
      Queen's Language Lab 1
      Queen's Language Lab 2
      Queen's Lecture Theatre 1
      Queen's Lecture Theatre 2
      Queen's LT4.1
      Queen's LT4.1+2
      Queen's LT4.2
      Queen's LT6.1
      Queen's LT6.2
      Queen's LT7.1
      Queen's LT7.2
      Queen's MR1
      Queen's MR2+3

Streatham Court (6 rooms):
      Streatham Court 0.28
      Streatham Court 0.93 (IT Services Lab)
      Streatham Court A
      Streatham Court B
      Streatham Court C
      Streatham Court D

Washington Singer (3 rooms):
      Washington Singer 025
      Washington Singer 219
      Washington Singer 234

Xfi (3 rooms):
      Xfi Conference Room 2
      XFI G16 (PG Computer Room)
      Xfi Henderson Lecture Theatre