What is an Opt-Out?

An Opt-Out is a formal request by an academic to NOT be automatically recorded for specified modules they teach during an academic year.

They become effective from the date they are submitted until the end of the current academic year. For each new academic year separate, new opt-opt requests will need to be submitted.

How do I Opt-Out or check my Opt-Outs?

To check the modules that you have previously Opted-Out of or to submit new/additional Opt-Out requests for the current academic year, please use the Staff Lecture Recording Opt-Out Utility.

You will be asked to authenticate using your University IT credentials and for this reason requests can only be made by the person wanting to opt-out.

Supporting reasons for the requested module Opt-Outs may also be optionally submitted if desired although this is not required.

On completion of the Opt-Out process you will receive a confirmation email showing the Opted-Out modules and any supporting reasons. A copy will also be automatically forwarded onto your Head of Discipline as a record of the Opt-Out request.

When can I Opt-Out?

You can make an Opt-Out request at any time during the current academic year (from 1st September to 31st August).

Modules listed for possible Opt-Out will be based on the current status of your teaching timetable at the time of Opting-Out.

If additional modules are added to your teaching timetable later then a further Opt-Out request will need to be made to cover these.

How long is an Opt-Out valid?

Opt-Out requests are only valid for the academic year during which they were submitted. They will be effective from the date they were submitted until the end of that academic year (31st August).

For each new academic year separate, new Opt-Opt requests will need to be made to cover that specific academic year.

If I Opt-Out can I opt back in again?

Yes you can, but you can only do this once in any academic year.   To opt in, please contact the Recap Support mailbox.

How does Opting-Out affect recordings?

Once an Opt-Out request has been made for one or more modules, the Recap system will automatically stop scheduling all future recordings relating to the Opted-Out modules during the current academic year.

Please Note: on modules where more than one person is listed as the presenter for an individual session and any one of them has Opted-Out then the session will not be scheduled for recording.   To address this, ask you local Timetabling team to assign indvidual presenters to each session.

What if I substitute for another academic who has Opted-Out?

Opt-Out requests are only effective for the specific person submitting the request. If the timetabled booking for the session to be recorded still includes the academic who Opted-Out then the session will not be automatically recorded.

However, an ad hoc recording can be initiated in the room by the substituting academic to record the session and override the existing Opt-Out recording block. This ad hoc recording can then be re-assigned to the relevant module at a later time for viewing purposes. 

For more details about ad hoc recordings please see Types of recordings

Are students able to Opt-Out?

Students can request to have their contributions edited from a recording unless this is part of an assessment or there is the requirement to meet accessibility needs.

The academic who presented the recorded session is able to make the necessary edits from the recording themselves. 

Please see Managing and editing videos