September 2018 - Recap section in ELE

To be ready for new links to Recap recordings to be added to the "Recap Recordings" section for this academic year, you should clear down last year's links.  

The easiest way to do this is to create a new section in ELE called "Recap Recordings 2017-18" and move all of last year's links into that section. You may then choose to hide this new section.

Make sure you keep an active section for this new year's Recap links and that it is referred to in the Recap Admin block.

For help with this process please email the e-Learning team. 


July-August 2018 - Panopto maintenance

Panopto are performing scheduled maintenance to the cloud-based Recap service on Saturday 28th July from 11pm to 2am Sunday 29th, and again on Saturday 11th August from 8pm to 11pm. 

This means that Recap will be unavailable during that time.


June 2018 - Panopto upgrade

Recap is being upgraded to the latest version of Panopto 5.7 on Saturday 9th June 2018 from 9pm to midnight.

This means that Recap will be unavailable during that time.


December 2017 - Panopto upgrade

Recap is being upgraded to the latest version of Panopto 5.6 on Saturday 16th December from 9pm to midnight.

This means that Recap will be unavailable during that time.

Some of the new features include:

  • Resume from last position — Within the interactive player, videos will now automatically pick up from the position where each user last left off.
  • Build video presentations in the editor — You can use the HTML5 editor to upload individual media files and slide decks in order to build new video and audio presentations.
  • New analytics capabilities — You can now download an Excel spreadsheet that reports on usage by viewing type.
  • Support for 360-degree video — You can upload videos captured by 360-degree cameras and watch them using the interactive player, embedded player, and popular VR headsets like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR


September 2017

ELE automation

We have implemented a new interface between Panopto and ELE so that links to lecture recordings will automatically appear in a new “Recap Recordings” section in your ELE courses.  These will be visible by default but if you want, you will be able to hide these until later in the term. You can also edit the titles of the lecture links as required. In addition, all of last year’s links to Recap recordings in your ELE courses have been automatically hidden for you before the start of term.

For more information please see Viewing recorded sessions

New Recap-enabled  rooms

Also from the start of term, Recap will be available in a further 90 rooms, making a total of 137 across all our campuses. The new rooms are mainly Seminar rooms, and these have ceiling microphones rather than lapel microphones, so you are still able to walk around the room and have audio recorded. These rooms have had Recap installed so that teaching sessions for smaller groups such as Postgraduates or Year 3 Undergraduates can now also be recorded if you wish. To schedule these please see your local College Timetabling team.

During consultation with you before the start of last year, we know that teaching sessions such as seminars, tutorials, and workshops do not always lend themselves to being recorded. For this reason we will evaluate the usage and demand for Recap recordings in Seminar rooms before we consider an automated solution for scheduling these.

Thus for this coming academic year, unlike lecture recordings in our large lecture theatres, which are all automatically recorded unless you have opted out, you will need to request recordings of any teaching sessions in the Recap-enabled seminar rooms to be scheduled via your local College Timetabling team.

For a full list of rooms enabled with Recap, please see Which rooms have Recap.

Opt Out Process

As last year, if you wish, you will need to renew the Opt Out of automatic lecture recordings for your modules for the forthcoming academic year. You can do this at Opting Out.

If you do opt out, please be aware that if other presenters as well as you are timetabled to present any one of your module's sessions, then those sessions will also not be recorded even if they want them to be. To avoid this, please talk to your College Timetabling team.

Recap Survey outcomes

Many thanks to all of you who completed the Recap Staff Survey over the summer. This has given us valuable feedback and will enable us to tune Recap for the better. We also ran a student survey to understand how they use it. Overall, our students like using Recap very much indeed.

Some of the key messages from both of these surveys are: 

  • Please do use the lapel microphones where provided in Recap-enabled rooms, especially in lecture theatres. This will not only allow you to move around the room but also provides the best audio for the recording
  • The whiteboards are not meant to be visible in recordings. Recap is a revision aid and is not a replacement for attending lectures in person, where students will always get the best teaching experience
  • If you want to pause a recording, you only need to press the Recap light lightly once, and then press lightly once again to resume recording when ready. If you hold it down for five seconds it will stop the recording completely rather than pausing. If you then press it again you will start a separate ad hoc recording (if time is available) which will need to be appended to your lecture recording later before being uploaded to ELE. Please refer to the label next to the Recap light
  • For help on using Recap pedagogically or training on how to use more of the features provided in Recap, such as editing recordings, flipped classroom, creating quizzes, etc, please contact the e-Learning team at
  • There is no evidence that Recap has an adverse impact on attendance at lectures. It does however provide a safety net for those students who genuinely cannot attend a lecture
  • Recap has proven to be very popular with students, particularly those with ILPs, who use it immediately after lectures to help compile their lecture notes as well as more extensively for revision at exam time
  • If you want to monitor the viewing statistics for your past recordings, you can by accessing Recap and browsing to your Module folder and then selecting “Stats” from the link under the Module title – for more information on this please see FAQs


June 2017 - Recap Staff Survey

The Recap lecture recording facility has been used extensively this academic year by students who really like it as a teaching and revision aid.

We value all feedback and are asking academic staff and students to help us understand how Recap is being used and how we could potentially change it for the better.

If you are an academic we would be very grateful if you could complete the online Recap survey

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and all responses will be anonymised.


April 2017 - please note the following changes to Recap:

  1. The in-room cameras will now be automatically repositioned to their default settings at the end of each scheduled recording.


March 2017 - please note the following changes to Recap:

  1. The start of all University Recap recordings are now delayed by 2 minutes to allow a suitable gap between sequential recorded sessions in the same room. It should now be obvious from the Recap light when one recording has stopped and when the next one starts.  This delay is mainly to prevent the previous lecturer pressing the light and stopping the recording of the following new session by mistake.

  2. The default camera position is now slightly wider at mid-zoom, so a larger area around the lectern will be captured in the lecture theatres. This default camera position will be reset every time the AV system is shut down. You can still adjust the camera positioning if required, as before.

  3. If you want to make a 60 minute Ad hoc recording you can do by simply pressing the light button for 5 seconds.  But please note, if you try to start an ad hoc recording and the light flashes red or does not turn green it may be because there is a scheduled recording due to start in the same room within the hour.   You will need to call Learning Spaces Support
    on x2230 at Exeter or x5519 at Penryn to start an ad hoc recording for you.

  4. To request the scheduling of a recording, or to reclaim a recording, or to report any other Recap issues, please log a SID enquiry yourself using the relevant Recap form in SID online.

  5. Alternatively you can request a Recap recording of your meeting or event yourself when you book a Recap-enabled room via Web Room Bookings.  You need to select "Recording Equipment- Recap" from the dropdown list of "Resources required in a room".  You must remember to do this on the first page of the booking process.   The session will then be automatically recorded by Recap, and you will need to reclaim the recording using the SID form as above.

  6. There are some new features in Recap such as the ability to add quizzes to recordings. For more information please contact the e-Learning team at