Hints & Tips for using Recap in teaching rooms


  • DO use the AV Touchpanel to check the microphones and cameras are turned on and working and are set up as you want at the start of your recorded session.
  • DO be aware that a previous user of the room may have turned off the microhones or cameras, so you should always check they are active before starting your session
  • DO use a lapel microhone.  If you only use the lectern mic and walk about then the recorded sound will not be good quality
  • DO make sure the Recap light is green when you are being recorded. At the start of your session the light will come on 2 minutes after the hour or half hour, and turn off at the end of your scheduled session on the hour or half hour


  • DO NOT press the Recap light for 5 seconds to stop recording at the end of your session; leave it to stop recording when scheduled. If you have overrun you may be stopping the next scheduled recording in the room
  • DO NOT press the Recap light for 5 seconds when you need to pause recording, you only need to press it once briefly to change it from green to amber. If you stop recording then start it again, you will have two separately recorded sessions which will need manual editing afterwards
  • DO NOT change any module folder settings when editing anything in Recap, you will prevent the automated integration from working between the Timetable system and Recap