If you are having problems with a recording or the AV equipment during a session

  • at Exeter ring the Learning Spaces Support team on extension 2230
  • at Penryn ring the AV support hotline on extension 5519 (01326 255519) 

For all other Recap requests to schedule a recording, reclaim a recording, or report any other Recap issues, please log a SID enquiry yourself using the relevant Recap form in SID online

Recap SID online forms

All rooms are equipped with telephones and AV support can be contacted directly on 2230 at Exeter or 5519 at Penryn, and they can help you remotely. 

If you require an AV technician for a particular set up of AV equipment, please request this through the IT Helpdesk

As a guide, if the recap light is green, it is recording;  if it is yellow, it is paused;  if it is off, it is not recording; if it is red, there is a problem - please ring AV Support on the numbers above.

For more details on AV support please see Learning Spaces 

In Recap-enabled rooms there is a light on the lectern that will show the status of a recording. There are also instructions next to the light on how the presenter can interact with the light.

The light will go off at the end of a recording and come again after a few minutes for the next recording in the same room.

No light nothing is being recorded
Green a recording is taking place
Amber the recording has been manually paused by pressing the light
flashing Red a scheduled recording is due within an hour of an attempted ad hoc recording 
constant Red

there is a fault with the recording

Phone Learning Spaces on 2230 at Exeter or AV Support on 5519 at Penryn to report the fault and request assistance to resolve the issue

As a presenter you should not have to touch the Recap light in normal usage but you are able to do the following:

  • Pause a live recording by pressing the light briefly once, and pressing again to resume the recording - do this if you need to pause recording while you are doing exercises, or discussing something confidential or non-applicable for the recording
  • Stop the recording completely for the whole session by pressing and holding the light for 5 seconds
  • Start an Ad hoc 60 minute recording by pressing and holding the light for 5 seconds

Please note:
do not press
the Recap light to stop recording at the end of your session - if you have overrun you may be cancelling the next recording session.   

For more information please watch the video guide from Learning Spaces Support.

The Lecture capture policy is the policy that governs the use of lecture recordings at the University of Exeter and how staff and students use recorded lectures for educational purposes.

An Opt-Out is a formal request by an academic or lecture provider NOT to be automatically recorded for specified modules during an academic year (considered to run from 1st September to 31st August).

If you do wish to opt out, you will need to do this before the start of each academic year.

For more information please see Opting Out

Timetabled events that are of "Activity Type: Lecture" or have the suitability of "Recording Equipment - Recap" applied to them will automatically be recorded in venues that are Recap-recording capable.

If an event is not scheduled to be recorded and it is desired that it is, then please contact the central timetable team and ask them to add the suitability "Recording Equipment - Recap" to the event. 

Any changes to sessions made more than 2.5 hours before they start will be picked up and applied automatically.

The following devices are captured for recording:

  • audio
  • video via the camera
  • projected content from the PC

In rooms with dual projectors you are able to select which projector you want to record.

You can also record from other equipment in the room, for example, the visualiser.  Use the AV control panel to change the selection.

If required, you can also disable the camera in the room which will also switch off the preview monitor and any video conferencing.

For more details please see Scheduled In-room recording

Scheduled recording

This is a recording that has been scheduled in advance, either via the Timetabling teams for academic sessions such as lectures or seminars; or via the online Web Room Booking system where you can select "Recording Equipment - Recap" from the "Resources required in a room" list on the first page. 

Ad hoc recording

Ad hoc recordings can be activated by holding down the Recap light for 5 seconds.   This will then start a 60 minute recording, but this will only work if a scheduled recording is not due to start in the room within the next hour.

This can be a useful option if there is a problem with the scheduled In-Room recording.

For more information please see Types of recordings

After the Ad Hoc recording has been made you will need to complete the dedicated "Reclaim a Recap recording" form in SID Online under the category "Recap" when you "Ask a Question".

For more details see Ad Hoc In-room recording

Staff are able to book Recap when booking a room through the Web Room Booking system.

For Recap-enabled rooms, you can select Recap on the first page of the room booking, by selecting "Recording Equipment- Recap" from the dropdown list of "Resources required in a room".    You must remember to do this on the first page of the booking process. 

The session will then automatically be recorded by Recap. 

After the event you will need to reclaim the recording via the dedicated Recap "Reclaim recording" form in SID under "Log My Own New Enquiry". You will then be able to share it for viewing by others.

If you don't specify Recap recording when initially booking the room, you should subsequently submit a "Schedule recording" request using the dedicated Recap form in SID under "Log My Own New Enquiry" quoting the room booking reference number. 

Recap option in Room Booking

The AV Touchpanel on the lectern has been updated for Recap with the following changes:

  • In lecture theatres, the camera will automatically be positioned by default on the mid-zoom aspect, showing the lectern position and the nearest whiteboard.  You can change this via the AV Touchpanel by selecting different camera presets
  • The camera can be disabled if you do not wish it to be recorded, simply select ‘Disable Cameras’ from the AV Touchpanel 
  • There is a new Recap button on the AV Touchpanel that allows the presenter to select which projector will be recorded: in rooms with single projectors whatever you show on screen will be recorded (excluding Blu-ray/DVD/VHS players and other copyright sources).  In rooms with multiple projectors, you will need to select which projector to record from the AV Touchpanel

For a summary of how to use Recap on the AV Touchpanel please see Recap Self-help Instructions

For more details and screenshots please see the Recap AV Control Panel Changes guide.

Yes they are.  

However, some lecturers don't make them visible until later in the term for revision so if you can't find a lecture recording in ELE please discuss with your lecturer.

For more information please see Viewing recorded sessions

No, you should NOT download recordings from Recap as the University retains copyright on the recordings, so you would be breaking the law and University policy if you did this without permission.

It could also infringe the University's intellectual property rights or data protection policy regarding lecture content or students' contributions or identities.

If a lecture was scheduled to be recorded but wasn't, it may be possible to find the equivalent lecture from a previous academic year, if it was recorded then using Recap or the old Echo360 system.  

That lecture can be then uploaded as a link in ELE as a replacement if it is suitable for this year's course.

As a lecturer, you should contact SID to ask them to request this.

If you are a student, ask your lecturer to request this.

Recap is not designed to capture writing on whiteboards. Lecture recordings are meant to be teaching / revision aids and are not a substitute for attending lectures, where you will get the full teaching experience.   

If written material needs to be recorded, the presenter should use the visualiser.

No, unfortunately not. Once a lecture is recorded there is nothing that can be done to improve poor sound quality or missing audio.

As a lecturer, you should check the mics are working at the start of a recording session, and it is always best to use the lapel mics to record the best audio.

See Hints & Tips for using Recap

The AV Touchpanel has been updated to allow you to change the way projectors and cameras are recorded.

The cameras will automatically reset to their default positions at the end of a scheduled recording.

For more details and screenshots please see the Recap AV Control Panel Changes guide.

This is for teaching staff only.

As a lecture presenter named for a module, log in to Recap and Browse for your module folder. For the relevant recording‌, hover your mouse under the module link so you see a set of options appear.

Click on Stats and you will see the profile of viewings.  You can change the date range if required.

Recap Module Stats image

For more information please see Managing and editing videos

This is for teaching staff only with editing access in ELE.

Log in to ELE and Search for your module folder. ‌ Then in the Restrict access function you can add one or more email addresses for those students who need earlier access to a lecture recording link which is otherwise hidden.

You must click on the "eye" to the left of the restriction to add a diagonal line as shown below. If you don't do this then their user name will be displayed to all students under the link with the message 'Not available unless your username is xxxx@exeter.ac.uk'. This will highlight that they have an ILP or reason to view the recording which would be unfair to them, cause embarrassment to the persons involved and cause issues with data protection.

When you are ready to make a recording link available to all your students, you will need to remove the restrictions and then make the recording link visible to everyone.

Recap restricted viewing in ELE

For more information please contact the e-Learning team.

If you have requested the scheduling of a Recap recording for an event in a University location that currently isn't capable of recording Recap, please contact your College timetablers to reschedule this event into a Recap-capable room and ask them to add the "Suitability - Recording Equipment - Recap" to the event.

This way an event will automatically be recorded when located in rooms that are Recap-recording capable.

The system refreshes every 2 hours, so any changes will be picked up and applied automatically.

For the full list of all rooms that are currently Recap-enabled please see Which rooms have Recap

If you cannot access ELE and thus Recap using Safari on your Mac laptop this could be due to the version of Safari you are using.

The solution is to download a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox which will then work.

Unfortunately Recap is unable to record devices which are encrypted with an HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) signal which is designed to prevent the unauthorised copying of materials. This includes several Apple devices, output from streaming services, Blu-ray and DVD players. In some instances, although you may see your HDCP-encrypted content displayed in the room, it will not be recorded.

As a workaround, Apple devices can be connected to the AV system using an analogue VGA adapter and VGA fly lead if present although there is a chance that HDCP-encrypted content may not play back or might play back at a lower resolution.

At the start of each new academic year you may want to clear down the previous year's links to recordings.

To do this please see the instructions at the bottom of the Viewing recorded sessions page.