AV technician support

You can book technician support to assist you in centrally managed rooms, support will be delivered remotely (see below) or in person. Support is provided to help set up your session and an emergency phone line is available if you need help during your session.

For general AV queries or advice please contact IT Help Desk


AV Support - Remote Support FAQ's

The AV Support Team use enhanced remote support tools to significantly improve the learning and teaching experience in centrally managed rooms on the Streatham and St Luke’s campuses.


Instead of physically attending to assist you in a room, either to set up or when there is a problem; the ‘Dedicated Remote Support’ (DRS) Technicians will be able to help from their desk which will expedite our assistance to you.  

Technicians providing DRS have a range of tools which allow them to monitor much of the AV equipment and services within many of our rooms.  It allows them to remotely control the functions that are available on the Control Panel in the room, reset equipment and take over control of the lectern PC.  With the assisted benefit of having support cameras in a room they can also view what is happening which helps them identify and diagnose where an issue may lie. 

No, for some VIP sessions or where there is a non-standard requirement, the team will still attend when booked.  However, if your session uses the room’s normal facilities and it is a room the Technician knows can be remotely supported, then this will be the approach used.  If you feel uncertain about using the AV in a room you should ensure you book an AV Technology Demo with AV Support (check the training section on our website).

When you request support you always receive a confirmation email from us.  If your session is going to be remotely supported by a DRS Technician we will clearly state this on the email.

So what will happen in the room if I’m Remotely Supported?

Basically, you won’t see a Technician, but they will ring the room at the start of your session, or before if they see you enter the room on the support camera.  You should answer the phone and they will talk you through as they set up.  

As is currently, use the room phone to ring x2230 for ‘room help’ and you will speak to one of our Technicians who can assist where possible from the office, if this is not possible a Technician will be sent along to the room as quickly as possible.

Yes, we have been providing support remotely for several years and the team are very skilled, our tools have improved to make this an even better experience. Also, if you’ve had a problem and rang x2230, then the Technician may well have checked systems and services remotely for you.

I’m nervous about not having someone in the room for my Video Conference!

We are not intending to use DRS for VCs in larger capacity rooms and certainly not in lecture theatres.  Our ability to deliver VC support remotely really depends on the room booked and its AV and microphone installation; some rooms allow us to manage this service effectively and some currently don’t.  If it’s a suitable room our tools allow us to do everything that we can when in the room, but the benefit is that we can expedite resets and contact with the far sites by being at our desks with all our tools available to us.  Again, we will state on your booking confirmation email if we intend to support your VC via DRS.

Tell us.  We want you to be comfortable and trust in our services.  If you are not sure, then we’ll look to have a Technician available in the room as well as via Dedicated Remote Support.  The Technician in the room will not take part but let you work with the DRS Technician on the phone (but will be there to give you reassurance or explain if you are unclear of the instruction given by the DRS Technician).  Once you see how easy it can be, we hope you will become comfortable with this new way of working.

Book in an AV Technology Demo with us, our sessions are very informal and we can meet you on a one to one or small group basis.  Find out more by going to the training section of our web pages.