Voting Handsets

There are two Turning Point solutions to capturing audience responses to questions and polls you insert into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

  • TurningPoint alows your audience to use their personal devices via an app.
  • Voting Handsets uses in-room hardware to allow your audience members to respond.

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This PowerPoint template includes a selection of slides with default polling questions you may like to use when using the Voting Handsets system.

Voting Handset PowerPoint Template

When booking a room via Web Room Bookings, simply select Voting Handsets from the list of attributes and you will be offered suitable rooms to match your capacity requirements.

The frequency channels are set per receiver in each room and so you will need to ask your audience to set this channel on their handsets before you begin.

Amory A128


Newman Purple LT (B) 02
Amory B143 34 Newman Collaborative LT (C/D) 03
Amory B315 55 Newman Green LT (E) 05
Amory C417 09 Newman Red LT (F) 06
Amory C501 10 North Cloisters 12 66
Amory Parker Moot 11 Peter Chalk Centre 1.1 35
Baring Court 114 67 Peter Chalk Centre 1.2 36
Building:One Bateman LT 19 Peter Chalk Centre 1.3 37
Building:One Matrix LT 20 Peter Chalk Centre 1.4 38
Building:One Pearson Teaching Room 21 Peter Chalk Centre 1.5 39
Building:One Kolade Teaching Room 22 Peter Chalk Centre 1.6 40
Building:One Constantine Leventis Teaching Room 23 Peter Chalk Centre 2.1 41
Building:One Marchant Syndicate Room 24 Peter Chalk Centre 2.2 42
Building:One Syndicate Room B 25 Peter Chalk Centre 2.3 43
Building:One Syndicate Room C 26 Peter Chalk Centre 2.4 44
Forum Alumni Auditorium LT 52 Peter Chalk Centre 2.5 45
Forum Exploration Lab 01 53 Peter Chalk Centre 2.6 46
Forum Exploration Lab 02 54 Physics 124 65
Hatherly B10 30 Queens LT1 17
Harrison LT004 08 Queens LT2 18
Harrison Room 101 57 Streatham Court 0.28 32
Harrison Room 102 58 Streatham Court 0.93 31
Harrison Room 103 59 Streatham Court LTA 12
Harrison Room 106 60 Streatham Court LTB 13
Harrison Room 107 61 Streatham Court LTC 14
Harrison Room 171 62 Streatham Court LTD 15
Harrison Room 203 63 Washington Singer 219 56
Harrison Room 209 04 XFI Seminar Room A 47
Harrison Room 215 64 XFI Seminar Room B 48
Laver 320 29 XFI Seminar Room C 49
Laver LT3 28 XFI Conference Room 1 50
Laver LT6 27 XFI Conference Room 2 51
Newman Blue LT (A) 01 XFI Henderson Lecture Theatre 16

To use the audience response software in the teaching room, please follow these steps:

  • Log on to the PC with your University username and password
  • Double click the 'TurningPoint' shortcut on the desktop of the PC
  • The TurningPoint Dashboard will then load up, double click on the PowerPoint Polling option
  • Microsoft PowerPoint will then open with the TurningPoint software loaded
  • Open your PowerPoint presentation by clicking File/Open and select your PowerPoint file from your chosen folder

DO NOT open your Powerpoint first and then the TurningPoint software.

If you will be using TurningPoint in these rooms regularly, you can set the software up to automatically load when you open Microsoft PowerPoint. To do this please follow the steps below, once you have loaded TurningPoint for the first time in a teaching room (using the steps detailed above):

  • Select the TurningPoint toolbar at the top of the screen
  • Click on the 'Preferences' option and then Software from the left hand menu
  • Ensure the 'Add-In Always Loaded' option is selected in the window on the right
  • Click 'Close' at the bottom of the window and the changes will be saved

 TP ScreenShot 

If your college or department would like to purchase a stock of voting handsets, you can purchase these from the SUPC (Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium) framework of approved AV suppliers, please place your query through SiD if you need assistance.

Please Note: When purchasing voting handsets to use in centrally managed rooms, you must purchase the RF version of the TurningPoint handset (such as the ResponseCard RF) for it to be compatible.