About Symplectic

Symplectic is the University’s Current Research Information System.

The Symplectic system comprises:

  • A record of publications with manual input and automated gathering of publications data from online databases
  • A module to provide integration with the Institutional Repository 
  • Functionality to gather professional activity and esteem data
  • Full reporting across the data held within the system

This provides the University with:

  • Key data for the REF and other research monitoring exercises
  • Statistical reports on research output, providing an understanding of our institution’s strengths
  • Centralised data that can be incorporated into other systems, such the institutional website, portal and staff profiles
  • Symplectic Publications is produced by Symplectic Ltd. 

Who Uses Symplectic

Symplectic is primarily used by Academic staff and members of Professional Services.  Symplectic can be accessed through the University's Website.