Amory Building

Ground floor Reception

Ground floor cluster

Ground floor A block (Law lobby)

Ground floor Amory info point

1st floor, A block (History)

5th floor Room 502

7 August

1st floor Law School new wing

2nd floor A block (History)

2nd floor B block (Politics)

2nd floor C249, Geography

3rd floor A block (Theology)

3rd floor B block (Classics)

3rd floor C360 lobby

4th floor C block SCR

4th floor D block (lab corridor)

8 August

Birks Grange

Spare machine

28 August


Ground floor Student Services admin

Ground floor, SES archive room

1st floor, MBA Planet Suite

2nd floor, ISR

3rd floor, kitchen


Byrne House

1st floor Egenis copy room

2 August


1st floor

12 August

Clydesdale House

Ground floor, Future finance

1st floor, Finance Services top corridor

30 July

Cornwall House

Ground floor, Fresh Ideas

2 August

Devonshire House

1st floor Sanctuary

2nd floor Loft

13 August

Duryard House

Floor 0, network server room

13 August


Ground floor, Library team

Ground floor, Forum Level 0 cluster

Ground floor, Forum SID back office

1st floor, Accessibility Office

Ground floor, Student Services Drop-in

1st floor PC Cluster

1st floor Forum Library

1st floor, Forum Library


31 July

Floor -1, Forum Library cluster

Floor -1 Lasok Law Library

Floor 0, Forum Library coin operated

Student Services Training Suite

Floor 0 Forum cluster

Floor -1 cluster

1 August

Geoffrey Pope Building

1st floor Corridor

2nd floor Lab

3rd floor copier by lift

Ground floor Foyer

6 August


Ground floor, Student Services

Ground floor foyer

1st floor, corridor outside 149

1st floor, outside room 115

3rd floor, Maths lobby

3rd floor lift lobby, CEMPS

9 August

2nd floor Room 271

2nd floor Room 220

2nd floor print cupboard

2nd floor East PC cluster


12 August


Ground floor laboratories, Annex B

1st floor laboratories outside C15

1st floor corridor

2nd floor laboratories

29 August

Holland Hall

4th floor, Porters’ Lodge

14 August

Hope Hall


1st floor, room 1,36

29 July

Ground floor, next to vending machine, opposite green room

Ground floor, Foyer

1st floor, corridor

2 August


Ground floor Reception

Floor -1, Postgraduate room

6 August

Innovation Centre

Ground floor reception

1st floor RKT copy area

1st floor lobby

2nd floor Admissions office

Spare machine

29 July

INTO Building

Floor -1

12 August

Kay Building

Ground floor, Lobby

9 August


Ground floor, Rear SSI Office

1st floor PG Room

12 August

Lafrowda House

Ground floor reception office

2 August

Laver Building


3rd floor Archaeology corridor

5th floor IT model office

6th floor IT model office

29 July

6th floor corridor

7th floor, kitchen

9th floor by exit

28 August

Lazenby Hall

Ground floor Lazenby House rest room

2 August

Living Systems Building

2nd floor landing

2nd floor admin office

3rd floor landing

16 August

Lopes Hall

Ground floor, residence team

16 August

Mardon Hall

Ground floor annexe, business support

16 August

Northcote House

3rd floor Accounts Payable/ Receivable

3rd floor North corridor

3rd floor, HR

21 August

Ground floor cashiers office

Ground floor, Estate Patrol

1st floor north corridor

1st floor corridor, by lift

1st floor, executive suite corridor

2nd floor, CaMS corridor

2nd floor Finance Services

2nd floor corridor, by lift

22 August

Northcott Theatre

Ground floor prop store

28 August

Old Library

Floor -1, basement cluster

Floor -1 basement

Ground floor, Research Commons reception

Ground floor, EQE rear lobby

1st floor corridor

20 August

Peter Chalk Building

1st floor, Student hub

Ground floor, machine behind staff desk

6 August

Physics Building

Ground floor copy room

1st floor, near room 120

2nd floor open office

3rd floor IT room

4th floor, room 410

5th floor open office

6th floor open office

23 August

Queen’s Building

Ground floor 24-hour cluster

Ground floor east wing admin office

Ground floor west wing admin office

1st floor east wing lobby

1st floor PG east

1st floor west wing lobby

3rd floor west wing corridor and lobby

27 August

2nd floor west wing

2nd floor FLC reception

28 August

Reed Hall

1st floor, Event Exeter tea room

21 August

Reed Mews

Ground floor, Wellbeing

2nd floor, Wellbeing

21 August

Sports Park

Ground floor Reception office

Ground floor Athletics Union office

30 July

Streatahm Court

Ground floor, Boiler room

Ground floor, Management Studies

Ground floor, Career Zone

1st floor corridor copy area

Ground floor Economics corridor

1st floor Glass copy room

5 August

Streatham Farm

Ground floor Hallway

Ground floor Barn building (carpenters)

Ground floor Barn building (engineers)

Ground floor team leaders office

1st floor landing

13 August

Thornlea, Alexander Building

Ground floor Drama corridor

1st floor UG cluster

1st floor landing

30 July

Thornlea, (white house)

1st floor corridor

30 July

Washington Singer

Ground floor reception

1st floor, outside room 149

1st floor, outside room104

2nd floor corridor, opposite room 217

2nd floor, room 220

2nd floor, outside room 221

19 August

Wellcome Building

1st floor admin office, Mood Disorders Centre

16 August

Xfi building

Ground floor cluster

First floor

7 August


Baring Court

1st floor copy room

30 August

Baring Court

Ground floor, Child Health Care

3 September

College House

Ground floor reception copy room

1st floor office 1.10

2nd floor, office 2.10

4 September

Exeter Medical School

Ground floor, lobby 1

Ground floor, room GS22

1st floor open plan office

1st floor W K Norman conference room


5 September


Ground floor, level 0 cluster

Ground floor, Haighton library

4 September

North Cloisters

1st floor, landing

3 September

Richards Building

Ground floor, main lobby

3 September

Smeall Building

Ground floor copy room, left from stairs

1st floor, main office

4 September

South Cloisters

IT model office

29 July

South Cloisters

1st floor model office

1st floor corridor

2nd floor corridor

30 August

South Cloisters

Ground floor GSE office

Ground floor Medical imaging

Ground floor IT room

Ground floor EMS Info@St Luke’s

1st floor Giraffe House

2 September

St Luke’s Sports Centre

Ground floor, Dance Studio, reception

3 September



Ground floor reception

2 September

RD&E PCMD Wonford

Ground floor DVRC office

L1, Ground floor reception

L3, 2nd floor copy room

30 August

RD&E PCMD Wonford

3rd floor EMS Room 4.13

2 September

RD&E PCMD Wonford

L2 Student cluster – 1st floor library

L2, 1st floor Library Staff work area

L2, 2nd floor main office

L3, Clinical office

3 September


Room 3.13

30 August


1st floor Room 2.17

2 September