OneNote logo

To access OneNote, log in to Office365 and you will see OneNote in the app launcher menu in the top left of the screen


Staff and Students can use OneNote to enter typed text via your keyboard, create tables, and insert pictures or free-hand drawings.

You can write anywhere on a virtually unbounded document window by just clicking there.  

So as staff you can take notes and capture ideas quickly during a meeting, and students you can take notes easily during a lecture or seminar and copy them up formally later.   For students, OneNote is also available on cluster PCs in open access areas.

OneNote also lets you easily categorise your work. You can create a separate notebook for different projects or modules, and use tabs within those for different meetings or lectures.

You don't need to explicitly save your work – OneNote saves information in pages organized into sections within notebooks automatically as you work. You will see your data in a folder called "Notebooks" in your OneDrive for Business folders.

You can share a notebook with others, or collaborate in groups via a Class Notebook.

OneNote is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and on the web.

For more help, please see the Microsoft guides for OneNote for Windows 10, or OneNote 2013 which is part of the current standard build for staff computers.