All University IT account holders are provided with individual and secure work-related file space

Files and storage

Staff & Associates

You are provided with your own individual secure filespace for saving work-related files, stored on a central fileserver. This space is known as your U:Drive.    

You can now use OneDrive for Business too, to collaborate with students or internal or external colleagues.

Please note: your U: drive and OneDrive for Business are for storing University-related files and should not be used for storing personal files, photographs, videos or music.

All Professional Services, Colleges and Departments are also allocated shared network file space for collaborative working and file sharing purposes. This is generally available on staff PCs or laptops as your N: Drive.


You are provided your your own individual secure filespace for saving work-related files, stored in the cloud. This space is known as your University OneDrive. You can access it by logging into iExeter.

You also have a U: Drive, which you may sometimes need to use to save files in Labs or Workshops using specialist software - your Lecturer will tell you when you need to do this.

However, for your Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents etc, we recommend you take advantage of the added flexibility and space offered through your University OneDrive. 

For details on how to use OneDrive for Business on open access Student computers please see the guide  
How to Use OneDrive on Student Computers 


How to access your University files when not on Campus

Students you can access your University OneDrive and/or your U: drive via iExeter 

Staff & Associates you can access you University OneDrive via Office365 or your U: drive via MyExeter 

Or you can access your files off-campus with VPN.