password written on a PostIt note to emphasise lack of security

Remember that you should never disclose your University password. If you think someone has discovered your password then change it immediately

What do you want to do?

Before you change your password please read these Password tips‌ and check the Password FAQs


Save answers to security questions  YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST

This is a one-off task that will allow you to change your password yourself in the future without having to call the SID team.

You need to know your current password to do this.


Change your password

You need to change your password or have forgotten it and want to create a new one.

You will be asked to answer the security questions you have previously saved.


Stop your IT account being locked

You have just changed your password and want to prevent your University IT account from being locked.


If you need help with any of these options please see the full Change Your Password Help Guide with screenshots.

If you have forgotten your password and your answers to the security questions please contact SID.