Remember that you should NEVER give your University password to anyone else. If you believe that someone else has discovered your password then change it immediately.

Essential criteria for a password

  • Your password must contain at least six characters, preferably more (we recommend that you use 10, 12 or even more characters)
  • The first eight characters must contain at least two letters and at least one number.
  • It is a very good idea to mix capital and lower-case letters and to include punctuation characters in your password.

How to choose a password

Make your password easy to remember – for example, choose a short phrase that makes sense to you and use its initial letters and a number, or combine two or three short words with a number between them.

What NOT to use

  • Your username, or your username in reverse
  • Any word that appears in any dictionary, including technical and foreign words, even spelt backwards
  • Any recognisable name (personal names, names of pets, fictional characters, your department, make of your car etc.)
  • Any dictionary word slightly modified by adding a number to the end, or changing ‘i’ to ‘1’, ‘o’ to zero, etc.
  • Simple strings of keyboard letters such as ‘qwerty’ or ‘zxcvbn’

If you have your Exeter email setup through your iPhone, Blackberry or another mobile device, please make sure you update your password in account settings on this device.

Note for Staff Laptop users: Do not attempt to change your password when the laptop is away from the University and not connected to the network. Doing so may result in a loss of data.

Change your password here

Enter your username, current password, and chosen new password (twice), then click the Change button.