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ASPIRE Professional Recognition Pathway

The ASPIRE Professional Recognition Pathway is open to all staff in the academic and professional services job families at the University of Exeter, and offers a route to accreditation for those whose experience of teaching and supporting learning in Higher Education means they don't need to attend a taught programme. The ASPIRE PRP isn't a formal programme of structured activity and study, but a flexible pathway of professional development and personal reflection; the time taken for preparation and submission of an application is determined by you as the applicant. Following advice and guidance, you decide the timing for developing yourself, building your evidence, and preparing your application. You also decide which PRP Assessment Panel is the best fit for your schedule, who you choose as referees to endorse your application, and against which of the four Fellowship Descriptors you choose to evidence your practice.

The following pages will help you to decide where your current education practice sits in terms of building an application, but if you have any questions, you can also get in touch with the team via You might also take a look at Advance HE's Fellowship Category tool, which helps you to consider your current practice in relation to the descriptors for fellowship, and the UKPSF.