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Annual Review of Teaching Scheme at the University of Exeter

Annual Review of Teaching Scheme (ARTS)

1. What is the Annual Review of Teaching Scheme?
Annual Review of Teaching is the mandatory process designed for all staff at the University of Exeter who teach, supervise, assess and/or support learning, to review and reflect on your practice.

2. What does the scheme aim to do?
Its overall purpose is to enable you to develop your education practice, by engaging with peers to provide you with constructive and critically reflective feedback and by looking together at new ideas and possibilities together.

3. What does it involve?
The Annual Review of Teaching is mandatory and requires you to engage in a formal ‘Annual Review of Teaching’ activity, which you must undertake during the academic year.

4. What kinds of review of teaching can I engage in for this scheme?
There are two options available to you:

OPTION A) a peer observation of a taught session or supervision meeting;

OPTION B) a peer discussion or review of an identified area of practice: for example, developing a new learning resource or approach; giving feedback to students; use of the ELE virtual learning environment.  Option B could be a group activity and has many possible areas of focus.

Please see the main Annual Review of Teaching document for more ideas and information about both options.

5. How is this recorded?
You should report on your chosen activity using the appropriate Record form for either Option A or Option B. The forms should be completed at the time of the review and submitted immediately to your PDR reviewer. You should discuss outcome of your activity as part of the PDR process. The deadline for completing this process each year is 1st August.

6. How can I comment on any areas I’d like the University to know about?
The feedback sections on the forms invite you to highlight and share identified areas of good teaching-related practice. They also provide you with a specific opportunity to alert your College/Service to any education-related issues that you would like the University to be made aware of.

7. Can I get any professional recognition for engaging in this scheme?
Annual Review of Teaching is a required element of activity for ASPIRE as the process and the outcomes are evidence of good practice for nationally recognised ASPIRE/Higher Education Academy fellowships.

Please take a look at the main document below which explains the Scheme in more detail:

Annual Review of Teaching Scheme - University of Exeter 2016

In addition, you will need to access the following forms: 

Record Option A - Peer Observation and Feedback

Record Option B - Discussion of Practice