Quality Assurance Responsibilities

Day-to-day responsibility for quality assurance in learning and teaching is assumed within the University as detailed below. These responsibilities, of course, represent only one aspect of the work of Faculties, Deans for Taught PGR Students and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education). Action by appropriate officers on behalf of the listed bodies may be taken under agreed conventions.


  • Setting appropriate objectives in learning and teaching
  • Providing the intellectual and material resources to support these objectives
  • Monitoring annually and enhancing learning and teaching performance
  • Evaluating the success in meeting learning and teaching objectives
  • Revising modules and making minor revisions to programmes
  • Accounting for their academic performance to Faculty Boards
  • Demonstrating high standards to external examiners and other external agencies
  • Preparing, where appropriate, for professional accreditation

Deans for Taught Students and Deans of PGR:

  • Taking operational responsibility within the University for the management of academic quality and standards,
  • Approving new programme proposals, major revisions to programmes and discontinuation of programmes
  • Monitoring and reviewing the standards of awards
  • Considering external examiners’ reports
  • Monitoring student progression
  • Approving Boards of Studies and Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committees (APACs)
  • Approving the appointment of external examiners and/or Boards of Examiners for PGR students
  • Approving, where appropriate, the programmes of study of individual students
  • Overseeing the development and management of codes of good practice and other quality assurance procedures
  • Overviewing external examiners’ annual reports and/or PGR viva reports
  • Overviewing the annual monitoring of programmes
  • Acting for the University in areas of external review, audit and accreditation
  • Facilitating and promoting quality enhancement and the dissemination of good practice

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education):

  • Taking strategic responsibility within the University for the management of academic quality and standards
  • Taking strategic responsibility within the University for the promotion of quality enhancement
  • Taking strategic responsibility for the management of the University’s education strategy

Last reviewed August 2023

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