TurningPoint can be used to introduce an interactive element to your lectures.


TurningPoint is part of an audience response system (ARS) which works with PowerPoint via a plug-in to offer interactivity (in the form of questions) to your slides.

TurningPoint allows students to respond via their own wifi-enabled device – smart-phone, iPad, or laptop and allows you to see at a glance how the students have voted and display the group's responses on charts, providing an opportunity for feedback and further discussion.

TurningPoint is available either as an app for iPhone or Android users, or via the browser-based version available through the TurningPoint website.

This software can help to support teaching & learning by:

  • Generating points for discussion in your class
  • Gauging existing knowledge
  • Checking your audience’s understanding of a topic
  • Informing the direction for your teaching session
  • Surveys
  • Free form answers
  • Games

What are the benefits of using TurningPoint?

Dr. Damien Mansell talks about his experiences of using TurningPoint in a learning environment.

Vrinda Nayak from the college of medicine and Health on why she uses TurningPoint,

“I have used TurningPoint in my lectures and small group sessions for the last few years now. The technology is very effective in lecture delivery as it helps me to create questions to check what students have learned and also to test whether they can apply the concepts they have learnt during the session. This also helps in breaking the didactic nature of lecture delivery and monotony. I have also used this successfully in my “consolidation sessions” where questions are set on lectures delivered in two weeks’ time. This is very useful to check their knowledge after some time and provides an insight into topics that students struggled with. This enabled me to focus on these topics and provide useful resources to help understand them better.”

How do I get started?

Begin by installing the TurningPoint software on your computer:

1. Open the Software Center- Start menu-->Search--> Software Center. 

Help using the Software Center can be found on the University website

2. Use Search to find TurningPoint 8.02 

3. Click to Install 

4. Follow steps on-screen to install software. 

For personal devices you will need to download the software from the TurningPoint website.

This guide provides an introduction to using the system: TurningPoint V8 Staff Guide 250917.

The service is currently managed by the e-Learning team in TQAE. If you would like to discuss using TurningPoint in your teaching, please email SID.

Learning Spaces Support - for support in teaching rooms - please see the Learning Spaces webpages.