Exeter Learning Environment (ELE)

ELE's integrated tools enable students to access course materials and interact online. Documents can be made available in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint and Adobe PDF, links to comprehensive lecture recordings can be provided and video can be embedded and displayed.  ELE's communication tools can be used to facilitate peer-to-peer or tutor-led discussion, and support collaborative work through the use of forums, wikis, blogs and chat rooms. The addition of RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and links to other social media can provide students with an awareness of current developments and research in the module subject area.

As well as providing a venue for communication and discussion, ELE is increasingly used to run online quizzes. Simple question types can be marked automatically, the results downloaded and substantial feedback provided. Assessments can be set-up for formative testing, revision purposes, and ELE can be used to handle the submission of formative assignments.

Tutors, GTAs and module administrators can get started with the ELE user guide and tutorials. Training sessions are scheduled throughout the year at both the Streatham and Cornwall Campus, additional training can be requested by contacting the e-Learning department.

Got an idea?

If you have heard of something you would like added to ELE, in terms of new functionality or perhaps a change in look and feel, please complete our ELE change request form so that we can evaluate your proposal.