Presentation of Theses

Changes to the ‘Presentation of Theses/Dissertations for Degrees in the Faculty of Graduate Research: Statement of Procedures’ have been made, following approval of a recommendation by Faculty Board of 3 February 2011. This change has resulted in a re-definition of what we mean by the term ‘thesis’ which reflects the wide variety of ways in which research is carried out and assessed.

This allows, for example, for the production of a thesis in an alternative format, which may include either:

(a)  the presentation of part or all of the thesis in an alternative format e.g. it may be a multimedia document (e.g. an element or the thesis in its entirety, which is presented in a format appropriate perhaps for presentation at a conference)

(b)  A  constructed text such as a piece of art, or a record of professional practice in the form of a series of case-studies, which must be accompanied by a commentary

For further information about the rationale for these changes please see the original discussion paper, which is available here, or the final paper to Faculty Board in February 2011, which is available here.

The Regulations governing programmes in the Faculty of Graduate Research have also been updated and now make clear reference to the 'Presentation of Theses/Dissertations for Degrees in the Faculty of Graduate Research: Statement of Procedures' for further guidance.

The ‘Code of Good Practice: Boards of Examiners for Degrees by Research’ has also been updated.

Although the revisions to the procedures have made them more permissive, they do not and cannot provide detailed guidance for the variety of ways in which students might seek to present their work, and as such, students are asked to discuss with their supervisor any proposals for varying the format in which their thesis is presented, according to the process laid out below. Only those students in receipt of an approved Change to Format of Submission form, setting out guidance for the formation and submission of the thesis will be allowed to submit their thesis in an alternative format.

Please see guidance for operating the revised procedures.