Working with you

We coordinate project teams working with professional and academic colleagues from across the University’s six Colleges and central services to fast-track new and existing programme developments which have been approved for support by the University’s Programme Development Group.


Our team of programme coordinators can support you in a number of ways through the University’s strategic approval, business approval, and academic approval stages ensuring you achieve a rapid launch to market. The wide-ranging support covers:

  • Developing project plans to scope programme opportunities and proposals  
  • Facilitating programme approval submissions
  • Enabling University-wide collaboration
  • Assisting with programme launch and marketing plans
  • Reviewing opportunities for long-term portfolio growth

To maintain the University’s excellent reputation for programme innovation, project teams are expected to support a wide range of contemporary and pioneering educational strategies:

  • Degree apprenticeships – offering students the opportunity to undertake prestigious University of Exeter study alongside invaluable professional experience
  • Online and blended learning – using contemporary technologies to enhance student learning and experience, without sacrificing the valuable interactions and support which students receive from academics
  • Traditional undergraduate and postgraduate degrees – continuing to deliver education of the highest quality, using the tried and tested methods that have helped the University of Exeter gain its outstanding global status
  • Continuing Professional Development – providing opportunities for those already in professional roles who are looking to further develop their experience with professional short courses.  Additionally, CPD serves to ensure that our staff are well equipped to support students effectively in the continually adapting environment of Higher Education.

Higher education is changing, we are working to ensure that the University of Exeter embraces creative innovation to maintain its ambition and excellence, providing our students with education, experiences and opportunities of the highest quality.

If you would like to work with us to develop a new programme or have any questions about what we do, please contact Peter Frier at