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The iTest: how digitally literate are you?

The iTest is a short quiz which highlights the importance of being a digitally literate student and offers ideas on how students can integrate more technologies into their University ‘career’. 

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Thirty categorised questions provide students with a visual representation of their personal technology perceptions and uses within an academic context, and beyond graduation when looking at employment. The results can be plotted on a radar graph to create the visual aspect and can also be recorded on a separate sheet, which can then be given to a module tutor.

The ability for a module tutor to gain an understanding of a cohorts digital literacy as a group and as individuals, could be used to gauge the amount of time and support that might be required where technology use is specifically required within a module. Or alternatively when groups are  needed for teamwork, the data can be used to ensure each group has a balance of expertise and those wanting to improve their digital skills.

User Guide 

Answer each colour coded question, marking in the space provided, whether the statement is, ‘Not true of me’, ‘Sometimes true of me’, or ‘Definitely true of me’.

Then, for each category (colour) of questions, add up your score using these values;

Not true of me

Sometimes true of me

Definitely true of me

1 point

2 points

3 points

The score for each category (colour) can be recorded on page three, next to the instructions. Once the score for each category has been calculated, the results can be plotted on the radar graph to give a visual representation of the overall results.  This also allows students to quickly compare results with one another, if they wish to do so.

Scores between 0-5 are rated as Low, 6-10 Medium and 11-15 as High. These scores can also be recorded on the separate sheet, which can be handed to the module tutor.

The user then reads a brief description of the six categories and the subsequent pages then provides information on types of technologies students can use and how to increase their digital skills, relevant to each category and their score.

The iTest was developed by the Collaborate project, based on original work conceived in the Digital Literacy Project, CASCADE

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