What is the NTFS? 

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme is a nationwide competitive peer-reviewed process for recognising academic and professional services colleagues who have made a significant impact on both student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. The scheme has been running since 2000 and is operated by Advance HE (formerly the Higher Education Academy). 


The Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence recognises and rewards collaborative work that has had a demonstrable impact on teaching and learning. Introduced in 2016, the scheme highlights the key role of teamwork in Higher Education.

How does it work at Exeter?

We're delighted to offer support to applicants interested in both NTF and CATE, so if you're an individual or a member of a team able to demonstrate the reach, value, and impact of your work, get in touch! The first step will be to complete and submit an expression of interest (NTFS, CATE). We then take this to an internal review, choosing three applications for NTFS and one for CATE; you'll find the timeline to submission on the Key Dates tab.

Our process helps us to support:

  • suitably experienced and qualified colleagues to indicate an interest in being considered as one of the University’s three NTFS nominees per cycle;
  • teams hoping their work will form the basis of our single CATE nomination for this cycle.

After initial review, we then offer: 

  • institutional support and mentoring for those shortlisted in the current cycle,
  • longer-term advice and guidance for those who have potential and would benefit from longer-term support, and
  • feedback to those whose work doesn't yet meet the criteria for NTFS or CATE.

What support can I get, if I'm interested?

Mentoring will be provided by an external advisor, National Teaching Fellows at the University of Exeter, and Academic Development colleagues with experience in assessing NTF claims for Advance HE. There are also various roadshow events offered by Advance HE; the Academic Development team can give further details of these, so if you have questions or would like to discuss any aspect of the process, please contact the Academic Development team and we'll be happy to talk through next steps. 



July 2022

Expression of Interest forms (NTFS, CATE), offering guidance on the National Teaching Fellowship and CATE assessment criteria, available online

September/October 2022

1-hour workshops offered for Expressions of Interest, including time to progress writing

4 November 2022 (17:00)

Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest form (500 words per criterion to give clear sense of reach, value and impact of relevant work, submitted to the Academic Development and Skills team by email to academicdevelopment@exeter.ac.uk)

Mid-November 2022

Application is reviewed internally to consider the submitted Expression of Interests against the NTF award criteria and select a maximum of 3 NTFS candidates  and 1 CATE team to be supported for the 2021 deadline. 

Early December to 31 January 2023

Nominees draft full claim with support from Academic Development and Skills

31 January 2023 onwards

Nominees introduced to internal mentors and external consultant for further revisions and feedback

Institutional support statements underway in collaboration with nominees, ADEs, and others able to authenticate practice (including Academic Development and Skills requesting quotes where needed)

17 February 2023 


Complete draft of applications submitted to the Academic Development (by email to academicdevelopment@exeter.ac.uk) for review by internal reviewers plus external consultant.  

Internal reviewers to take a view on the strength of complete case and confirm support for the 2023 deadline. 

3 March 2023 


Complete applications finalised and submitted to Academic Development and Skill (by email to academicdevelopment@exeter.ac.uk) for final checks

10 March 2023 (estimated)

Final submission via Advance HE portal

University of Exeter's National Teaching Fellowship Scheme winners

The University of Exeter is proud to share our NTF award winners, who have demonstrated excellence in teaching:



Professor Karen Mattick


Mr Will Katene


Professor Paul Farrand


Dr Richard Winsley


Dr Sarah Dyer


Dr Greta Bosch


Dr Andrew Pye


Dr Sara Burton

Dr Adam Feldman


Dr Nicky King

Kelly Preece