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ELE Homepage


Central to the University of Exeter's e-Learning activities is ELE (Exeter Learning Environment). ELE is Exeter's virtual learning environment that has now replaced WebCT.  

ELE provides an online set of integrated tools to support e-learning, enabling students to access course materials, interact online, collaborate and undertake formative and summative assessment. ELE is used by hundreds of modules across all departments and supported on all campuses.

Software used in close conjunction with ELE include the

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Throughout the term the e-Learning team will be facilitating a selection of weekly themed “Have a go” sessions that will focus on a different technology or technique. These are available as 1:1 meetings and group sessions lasting approximately 30-45 minutes. Attendees will have an opportunity to “Have a go” at the selected concept and discuss how it could be used to enhance teaching and the student learning experience. Each week there will be a selection of time slots available to arrange an individual meeting or a group session. To see more information about the themes planned and how to register for these sessions please view our term plan.