Examiner's Handbook for Graduate Research Degrees, including Professional Doctorates

You have been appointed as an examiner for a research degree, in which role you are responsible for assuring the academic standards of the  University’s awards, ensuring that successful candidates meet the University’s criteria for award.

The internal examiner is responsible for organising the viva.  They are also responsible for chairing the Board of Examiners unless a non-examining independent chair has been appointed.  Please refer to the Codes below.

The external examiner will be a recognised authority in the field of the candidate’s thesis, and as such will be responsible for providing specific expertise on the candidate’s thesis topic.

This online handbook provides you with information about our Regulations, Codes of Practice, Forms and Fees.

Regulations and Codes of Practice - Please refer to the following key documents:

1. Calendar Regulations - Regulations governing academic programmes - please see Section 2, Faculty of Graduate Research, and refer to the relevant regulation.

2. Statement of Procedures: Presentation of Theses/Dissertations for the Degrees of MPhil/PhD/EdD/DEdPsy/DClinPsy/MbyRes

3. Handbook for Examination of Postgraduate Research programmes

Viva Voce Examination - See section 7 of item 3. above.

The internal examiner is responsible for scheduling the candidate’s viva voce examination, where one is required, within three months of the date of submission.  The internal examiner, with support from the candidate’s academic College, will contact the external examiner and the student to discuss arrangements for the viva once the appointments have been approved.

Examiners' Reports

Forms - Submission and Examination:  Examiners' Report Forms can be found via this link

Expenses Claim Form and Exam Fee

PGR External Examiner Fees 2019-20

Please note that the fee is paid gross without deduction of income tax or national insurance contributions, as it is your responsibility to account for this income to HMRC.

Examiners will be contacted directly regarding the process to follow to claim expenses and examination fees but please email pgradmin@exeter.ac.uk should you have any questions.

Examiner's Feedback Form: We would welcome feedback on any aspect of the examination process and should be grateful if you could complete and return the form to the Doctoral College Quality Development Team.

Contact Address

PGR Administration, University of Exeter Doctoral College, Room 1.01, Innovation Centre, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4RN

If you have any comment you wish to make about the information in this section please email your feedback to pgradmin@exeter.ac.uk.