Supervision recording sheets for supervisors and research students

It is important that both supervisors and research students make good written records of supervisions, as an aid to memory and effective management of the research project.  Schools will have their own policies and practices relating to recording supervisions, however, staff may find the resources on this page useful for creating standard forms for use in their School.

The School of Arts, Languages and Literature have kindly consented to provide a copy of the form that they use.  Please feel welcome to download the form and amend as appropriate:


Report 1 research supervision form (RTF file)

Report 2 research supervision form (RTF file)

Report 3 research supervision form(RTF file)

reverse research supervision form (common to all of the above) (RTF file)


As an alternative, the form made public through Faculty Board is available:


GS09 research supervision report (RTF file)