Divisions in Education and Student Experience

Student Recruitment

Student Immigration Services

Student Immigration Services works to support the recruitment of international students to the University. We also provide advice and support to our international students from the point of application through to the completion of their studies.

We can offer advice and guidance to colleagues on any student immigration related issues.  Information for staff on a range of immigration compliance topics is available on our staff website.  Information for students is available on our International Student Support web pages.

Student Immigration Services Manager - Jim Price: email j.r.price@exeter.ac.uk – phone 01392 725502

Immigration Compliance Unit

Responsible for maintaining a central oversight of compliance with the Home Office’s requirements for Tier 4 sponsors, including attendance monitoring, reporting changes of circumstance to UKVI and checking that all students have continuing valid immigration permission. Also act as a source of advice and guidance to staff on matters relating to immigration and sponsor compliance.  Contact pbscompliance@exeter.ac.uk

Immigration Compliance Officer - Stephen Fitzell: email s.fitzell@exeter.ac.uk – phone 01392 726156

Immigration Compliance Administrator - Hannah Jenkins: email h.jenkins@exeter.ac.uk – phone 01392 723320

Tier 4 CAS Team

Responsible for issuing Confirmations of Acceptance for Study (CAS) to new students who need to apply for a Tier 4 visa. Contact tier4casteam@exeter.ac.uk

Tier 4 CAS Team Leader - Neil Gange: email neil.p.gange@exeter.ac.uk – phone 01392 725098

Tier 4 CAS Team Supervisor - Stefan Goddard: email s.goddard@exeter.ac.uk – phone 01392 725744

International Student Support Office

Provide immigration advice and welfare support to international students and applicants.

Contact details for the team are available on the ISSO website