Registry Services

The Registry Services team at the Penryn Campus provides support and advice for all Registry-related functions. We are responsible for student records and major student events and processes, and our main areas of work include the organisation and administration of:

  • University registration on an annual basis
  • Examinations
  • Graduation ceremonies and associated activities on the Penryn Campus
  • Changes in Student Registration Statuses and associated notifications to funding bodies such as Student Finance England/Wales/Scotland
  • Production of official letters from the University (e.g. Proof of Registration, Bank Introduction Letters, Council Tax Exemption Certificates, References)
  • Production of UniCards and assignment of campus buildings access
  • Data requests from third parties such as references, council tax listings, governmental agencies

We also have responsibility for maintaining current and historic student records on the Penryn Campus.

Contact us

For general Registry Services enquiries, please email us:

For exams-related enquiries, please email:

For UniCard enquiries or applications, please email:

For graduation enquiries, please email:

Or you may contact us directly using the following information:

Caroline Simons - Senior Administrator (Exams, Graduation and Student Records), Tel: +44 (0)1326 371816

I manage the Registry Team and its activities in Cornwall and have specific responsibility for the organisation and administration of the exams and graduation processes along with student records and unicard access.

Sarah Paddock - Senior Registry Assistant (Exams and Student Records) Tel: +44 (0)1326 371815

I am responsible for the organisation and administration of exams and students' changes in circumstances.

Alex Green - Registry Assistant (Exams and Graduation) Tel: +44 (0)1326 255234

I am responsible for printing of UniCards and buildings access for students, staff and associates at the Penryn Campus.  I also assist in the administration of exams and graduation.

Useful information and links

For further exams-related information, please go to the timetables webpage.

You can visit the relevant pages for information about Graduation as well as Examination and Assessment.
For University-wide information on Registration and Student Status, please see Registration; there is also comprehensive information available on UniCards.