Viewing recorded sessions

All academic-related recorded sessions should only be accessed via the links provided in the ELE course(s) on which you are enrolled.

Access to non-academic recordings will be communicated to you directly by the presenter or the relevant administration team. 

Please note:

  1. Recap recordings should only be viewed by using the links provided by one of the above methods. They should not be browsed or viewed directly from within the Panopto mobile app or via the Recap/Panopto video streaming website.

  2. Academics - you should not download podcasts of recordings in Panopto as this can breach the University's copyright.  See the associated FAQ


Panopto-ELE integration

Lecture recordings for module-related ELE courses are now automatically linked from ELE to Panopto (the system where Recap recordings are stored).

Other session types, e.g. Seminar, workshop, tutorial, revision etc., are not linked automatically in ELE unless they have had the recording suitability and module code set accordingly in the timetable.

A "Recap Recordings" Section will be created automatically in each ELE course that has Recap recordings scheduled, and links to lectures (and other teaching sessions as requested) will be automatically added to this topic as the recordings are made.

These links will appear as being visible by default in ELE a few hours after the recording actually stops, as it takes time to finalise the recording process.

As Tutor on your ELE course(s) you will have editing rights to the Recap topic, the same as for your other course topics, and if you wish you can hide the links to Recap recordings once they appear, if you want your students to access them later on only. 

There is also a new Recap Admin block at the right hand side of your ELE pages where you can configure how you want your Recap links to appear (visible or hidden) and also how they are titled.

Just before the start of every academic year, all the previous year's Recap links in your ELE course(s) will be automatically hidden for you.  If required, you can selectively make these visible again during the new year.

If you have created new ELE courses for 2017-18 or the Recap section and block are missing from your ELE course please contact to have these added for you.