Recap (desktop based)

All staff, including teaching staff, can use a Mac or Windows version of Recap which allows you to share complex teaching materials and record lectures. Pre-recorded content can also be created using mobile devices.

This version of Recap works without the lectern-based physical button. It allows you to deliver lectures and video-based content with visual aids such as PowerPoint, and to compile complex teaching content ready for distribution to multiple students and classes over the internet at scale.

Panopto are the provider of the system behind Recap. The end result is the same but the personal recording software (Panopto Personal Recorder) is separate from the lectern-based version (Recap).

For more information and guides on Technology Enhanced Learning, visit the SharePoint page.

Watch this introduction to personal recording:


Getting started guide

On this page you will find various tutorials and tips for using the Panopto Personal Recorder. However we have put together this Recap - Getting started guide that guides you through the basics, allowing you to quickly begin using the software.


How to install the Personal Recorder

UPDATE 15/07/2019: Please note that in some of the tutorial videos it is mentioned that you should download the Personal Recorder software from the University Recap site, however, if you are on a University managed Windows machine then instead of doing this you should download the software from the Software Center that is available from the start menu on your PC. This will enable Exeter IT to manage ongoing upgrades.

If you do not have access to the University Software Center on your machine, or are having any issues downloading the software from there then you should download Panopto from the University Recap site - Please follow the How to download and install Panopto Personal Recorder for Windows instructions should you need to use this method of installing.  

How to create your first personal recording

The Panopto Personal Recorder allows you to carry out recordings on your own PC, enabling you to elaborate on complex topics, set mini exercises, develop focused material, and more. 

The recordings you make should be uploaded to your personal folder in Recap. Personal folders are now created automatically for all teaching staff when you first login: , however if you are non-teaching staff then you will need to request a personal folder to be setup. You can do this by emailing the TEL team and asking them to create a personal folder for you. 

Once you have recorded/uploaded your videos you can share the URL to your recording within ELE and the links are provided in the Panopto system (for more information on sharing, please see the 'Sharing your recordings in ELE' section further down this page). If you require any further help, please contact the TEL team either by email at or via SID.

Watch how to carry out your first recording:



As well the useful ‘head to camera’ style videos that you can record with the Personal Recorder, another really useful aspect of the software is the ability to screencast.

Screencasting is the term for capturing actions taking place on your computer screen, often with narration over the top. They are simple to make and can create really effective tutorial videos. At the university they are used in various different ways, some academics for example use it to provide feedback on assignments, talking through a piece of written work while it is on screen, while other staff at the university have used it to record short tutorials explaining how to use certain pieces of software for new members of staff. The 'Using personal capture' video above talks you through how you can select your computer screen as a source to be recorded.

Editing your recordings

Watch below for how to edit your recordings, such as cutting out any parts that you don't want shown in the final shared video:

Recording videos through the Panopto mobile app

You can use the Panopto mobile app to record videos on your mobile device that you can then upload directly to your personal folder. For information on the mobile app, including instructional guides, please see the Mobile Recording webpages.

Uploading a video you have already recorded elsewhere

If you want to record short videos but do not wish to use the Panopto Personal Recorder or the Panopto mobile app to do the actual recording, then you can upload pre-recorded videos to your personal folder on Recap. This is really useful if you are more comfortable just using your mobile phone camera to capture a quick video.

To upload a video you have already recorded, you will need to navigate to your personal folder on the University Recap site, then click 'Create' at the top of the page. A dropdown menu will appear (please note that you may not see all of the options that are in the screenshot below) within which you can select 'Upload media'.



Sharing your recordings in ELE

Please note: Recordings uploaded to Panopto will not be automatically linked to in ELE.  You will need to add a link in ELE to the Panopto Viewing URL for the recording yourself if required. This also applies to any recordings you later move into Module folders in Panopto. 

Recordings in the personal folder can be shared with people who have a University of Exeter IT account. If you have previously used Recap for personal recording and have a subfolder for sharing video, you may continue to use it if you wish.

The sharing linked is obtained by mouse-hovering over the recording thumbnail, then clicking on the 'share' link that appears to the right of the thumbnail.

Select ‘link’ and copy the full link text for emailing or adding to ELE as a URL.

Please note: If you would like anyone at the University who has the link to be able to view the video then you will need to change the ‘Who has access’ permission setting to ‘Anyone at your organization with the link’. Please see the screenshot below for where the setting is located when obtaining the sharing link. 



Podcasts - adding an audio file in ELE

If you wish to record/upload an audio-only recording, then you can download the following Podcasts - adding an audio file in ELE‌ document.  


Further help

You can find further tips and tutorials on the TEL Team Sharepoint site, including how to record Picture in Picture videos, ideas for Flipping the classroom, Screencasting and more. 

If you require any further help, please contact the TEL team either by email at or via SID.