Images of Research

‘Images of Research’ is an innovative way to highlight the wide range of research that is taking place at the University of Exeter and an opportunity to look at research in a new and exciting way.

There are two main aims of the event:

  • to engage the public in academic research, particularly the breadth of research taking place at the University of Exeter;
  • to provide an opportunity for researchers to communicate often complex research to non-specialists.

Winning entries will be displayed for the public on the Streatham Campus during ‘Universities Week’ 29 May-2 June and at the Penryn Campus 5-9 June.


Winners of the 2017 competition

The overall winner was Matthias Becher with his excellent 'Tell Us Where You are Going' image. 

There were four themes:


Charlie Jeynes – High resolution image of a Brain Capillary

Society and Culture Tanimola Martins – Ethnic Inequality in Diagnosis of Symptomatic Prostate Cancer
Sustainable Futures Matthias Becher – Tell Us Where You Are Going
Technologies RJayden van HorikRobo-bird 

The winners in each theme will receive prizes vouchers.

Other entries, that the judges considered to be highly commended, were:

Natalie Ohana – Legal Alienation

Richard Tennant – A Blast from the Past

The 2017 winning entries on display in the Forum, Streatham Campus. 

Winning entries will be placed on permanent display in the Research Commons on the Streatham campus.

Images of Research 2016 winners


See all of the 2016 entries below

Images of Research 2017 judging panel

Many thanks to our esteemed judging panel, that consisted of:

  • Professor Richard Toye - Professor in History
  • Grace Williams - Public Engagement Lead, Research Services
  • Naome Glanville - University Arts and Culture Manager
  • Caroline Gale - Library Liaison Manager
  • Carole Fitzgerald - Head of Design and Publications