Reviewing Your HEAR


Prior to graduation you will have the opportunity to view the extracurricular/co-curricular achievements recorded for you and request a correction, a removal or an addition. This is done via an online tool and notification is sent by email to graduating students when this function becomes available. 

For those graduating in 2018 this opportunity will be available in May/June 2018 for a specified time period. Please note that the data in the review tool will only show eligible achievements completed and confirmed before the data was submitted in early May. Eligible achievements completed after this date will not appear in the tool but will be included in the final HEAR as long as they are completed by the end of your studies.  Please note this is a one-off opportunity — you can only use this achievement review tool once.

Once you have submitted any requests for additions or corrections the relevant data manager will contact you where there may be a reason that the change cannot be made, for example you request an achievement that is not recognised. There are a number of data managers with different processes and some may contact you to confirm the change will be made while others may not. If you do not hear anything then it means that your request has been accepted and will be included in your HEAR. HEARs are usually issued during the week before graduation. 

This page will be updated with further information about the review window when it is open.