LTHE Stage 2

LTHE Stage 2

Stage 2 is mandatory for all PGRs who have responsibility for planning and organising sessions and/or assessment (either formative or summative), for example in their work as PTAs.  This is described further in the University’s TQA Manual’s Code of Good Practice: Employment of Postgraduate Research Students.

The second stage of the LTHE Programme enables us to look in more depth at learning, teaching, student support, assessment and evaluation.  Stage 2 is offered in the Autumn and Spring Terms each year (this course usually starts in the month following Stage 1).  It comprises four three-hour afternoon sessions, in consecutive weeks.

You will also be asked to undertake a variety of preparation and consolidation activities between the sessions. Contemporary themes, such as education for sustainability, cultural inclusivity, technology-enhanced learning, employability and research-led teaching will permeate aspects of the course.

In order to successfully complete LTHE Stage 2, you must attend all four sessions. If you are unable to attend a session in the Term in which you have enrolled on Stage 2, you can request permission to attend the session(s) you missed during the next delivery of Stage 2.

To be eligible for Stage 2 you should have completed Stage 1 Note, however, that you are allowed to sign up to attend both Stages 1 and 2 in the same term (though in this situation your application to attend Stage 2 must be withdrawn if you fail to attend Stage 1).  Note also that the requirement to attend Stage 1 may be waived in the event that a candidate already has substantial teaching experience and/or qualification.  If you feel this may apply to you, please contact the LTHE team to discuss this further.

You must complete Stage 2 in order to be eligible to complete either of the optional LTHE Assessments.


Course dates and times

Like Stage 1, Stage 2 is organised in "streams", linked to Colleges, to enable you to work with colleagues in similar subject disciplines (although the organisation of these streams differs slightly from Stage 1).  These are the available streams:

  • STEMM: for CEMPS (Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences), CLES (Life and Environmental Sciences), UEMS (the Medical School) on the Exeter campuses.
  • HASS (Humanities, Social Science and International Studies, and the Business School) on the Exeter campuses.
  • STEMM/HASS: Combined stream (Penryn Campus)
CampusStreamAutumn 2018Spring 2019
Streatham STEMM/HASS

Wednesdays, 1:30–4:30 pm

Streatham Campus

17 October 2018

24 October 2018

31 October 2018 

7 November 2018 

Wednesdays, 1:30–4:30 pm

Streatham Campus

20 February 2019 

27 February 2019 

6 March 2019 

13 March 2019 

Penryn STEMM/HASS Tuesdays, 1:30–4:30 pm

Penryn Campus

16 October 2018 

23 October 2018 

30 October 2018 

6 November 2018 

Tuesdays, 1:30–4:30 pm

Penryn Campus

19 February 2019 

26 February 2019

5 March 2019 

12 March 2019 

The booking process: In order to register your interest in attending LTHE Stage 2 in Autumn 2018 you will be required to complete an application form and questionnaire; please click here for the form. The deadline for this is Wednesday, 26 September 2018.  You will be notified of the outcome of your application shortly following the deadline. If offered a place, you will be expected to confirm your acceptance within a week of this notification or else your place may be reallocated. 

Please note that completing this form DOES NOT guarantee you a place on LTHE Stage 2.  In the event that a stream is oversubscribed, we will use the information in the application form to allocate places where most needed (priority is usually given to candidates who will be teaching in the term in which they intend to undertake Stage 2).  The questionnaire is also designed to help us gain a broad profile of our participants, and tailor the course to provide the best quality experience for those enrolled.

If you are not sure which college you belong to, please see Academic Colleges and Subject Disciplines.  If you have problems booking, or questions about LTHE Stage 2, please do email us at  Likewise, if your circumstances change between submitting the form and the deadline, please use the same email address to advise us of the changes.

The next cohort of LTHE Stage 2 (Spring 2019): To express your interest in joining the next cohort of LTHE Stage 2, please email  We will then record your details with a view to contacting you as soon booking opens.