Keep Calm

You can access your reading lists via your module on ELE.

We think it is more important than ever to give students simple and easy access to the resources they need for study,  that way they get the most out of the Library, the resources your department has paid for and it will hopefully improve their results.

To help achieve this we can turn your Reading List into an online digitised document which links to the key reading you want your students to access.

This can include quick web links to:

  • Full E-books
  • Full text articles
  • Scanned chapters and articles from our print collection (where legal)
  • Links to the full records on our Catalogue
  • Websites
  • Video clips and full programmes via Box of Broadcasts or You Tube (where legal)

Each time we develop a reading list on ELE we’ll also check to see if the Library has enough copies of the most heavily used items for your module and contact you if it is not in our collection.

Then we will put the list up so it can be accessed via your module on ELE along with access to past exam papers if they are available online.

The Digital Library Team will do all the work of creating the online list, scanning chapters and articles plus making it available via ELE - all we need from you is your reading list as a word document and enough time to complete the work.

If you want to know more then please do contact the Resource List Team  who will be happy to talk to you about what you need.

There is a quick guide to this service here at  Getting an Online Reading List.