DVDs and videos

DVDs are on Level -1 in the Journals area. Please issue DVDs using self-service machines near the entrance on Level 0. DVDs are returned using the return machines at the front of the Forum Library.

How many can I borrow?

It's possible to borrow up to 4 DVDs at one time

How long can I borrow DVDs for?

  • 7 days if the DVD is in the Forum Library DVD collection
  • 2 days if the DVD is in the High Demand collection

Renewing DVDs

DVDs can be renewed as long as no one else has reserved them.

There are two different types of videos identified on the Library catalogue - Commercial videos and Cage videos. 

Commercial videos

The commercial video collection is held on level -1 in the Journals area of the Forum Library.  Staff and PGs may borrow commercial videos from the Forum Library Help Point.

Cage videos

Cage videos are material which has been recorded during broadcast by the University for academic purposes only. They appear on the Library catalogue as Off air video, plus an identification number.

The Cage video collection is closed. If you wish to borrow any of these items you need to request them at least 24 hours in advance. Please contact us by phone or email.

How long can I borrow videos for?

  • Staff and PGs can borrow videos for 7 days
  • UGs are not allowed to take videos out of the Library, however you are welcome to view them in our Multi Media Suite on Level -1.

How to arrange to have a DVDs/videos available for a screening

Resource List of Screenings

To guarantee availability of films for the duration of your module it is better to submit a complete list of those you will want to screen before the start of your module in the same way you can send your resource list for digitisation.    If you wish to send us a list which contains both your screenings and the resources for your module that would be great.

Please send us a word or .pdf document with the list telling us the bibliographic details for the film, dates for the screenings and the module code along to lib-digi@exeter.ac.uk and we will pass this along for processing.

Individual Films for Screening

However if you would like to arrange an individual film for a screening, please email the following information to library@exeter.ac.uk at least two weeks in advance of the date needed:

  • DVD title and specific details (e.g. date of release)
  • Dates and time of lecture (screening)
  • Module code
  • If requesting a foreign language film, please state if you require a subtitled version

If we recieve this less than two weeks before needed we cannot guarantee that we can provide the flm.  We will confirm your request via email.

Collection of material

Please collect DVDs or VHS with enough time to test and ensure they will play correctly.

Material should be collected from the Forum Library between 8AM -6PM Monday - Friday. Please have your Library card with you. It is also important that you know the relevant module code.

Staff and students may request a format conversion for some audio-visual material held in the University library collection.  Conversion is not always possible.  We have a quick guide to what is possible under copyright  -  Changing the Format of AV Materials

Additional information can be found in the Media Digitisation section of the Learning Spaces, AV Media Services web pages.

Contact library@exeter.ac.uk for more information.

Where can I watch a film in the Forum Library?

There are viewing facilties in the Multi Media Suite on Level -1 of the Forum Library. 

What is a Cage video?

Cage videos are recordings of British TV programmes on VHS tape.

What is an Offair DVD?

Offair DVDs are recordings of TV programmes on DVD.

There is a "Not for Loan" sticker on the DVD case - can I still borrow it?

Yes - these stickers are no longer relevant and are gradually being removed from the Library stock.

The video is very scratched - can we make a DVD copy?

We can make a DVD copy - however, all scratches etc which appear on the VHS tape will also appear on the DVD copy.

How can we make sure that a film has English subtitles?

Generally, Offair DVD recordings have been made from British TV and will have subtitles. However, material purchased from the film's country of origin will not always have subtitles - please check the box for details.

The DVD or video I have borrowed will not play properly

Please return the material to Library staff. We will endeavour to clean and check the film before returning it to you. If we are unable to fix the problem, we will recommend that a replacement copy is purchased if available.

I cannot play a DVD on my machine

Please check that the DVD is the right region for your player. Most modern DVD players, including all of those in our Multi Media Suite, are multi-region, meaning that they will play all DVDs.

The film I have is not the right version

Always check the director and year of the film - there can be more than one version of the same title, particularly if you are talking about a popular film, for example King Kong.

What is the EDA Collection?

The Exeter Digital Archives are an international moving image resource for Performance Practice research.
More details can be found here.

What is BoB?

BoB or Box of Broadcasts is an off-air recording and media archive service. This TV scheduling service allows you to record TV and radio programmes that are scheduled to be broadcast over the next seven days as well as retrieving programmes from the last seven days from UK freeview channels. The MyBoB feature allows you to create playlists and clips from broadcasts. All content can be used for educational purposes and can be embedded in the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE). It is accessible from the Electronic Library.