Donations to the Library

University of Exeter appreciates offers to donate materials to the Library collections and accepts donations in line with the Donations policy.  Given the size of our collections, space and resources, however, it is not possible to accept all donations.  This short guidance is intended to assist donors in deciding whether to approach the Library with the offer of a donation. 

  • The Library may accept donations of individual or a few items, providing that they are relevant to the teaching and research needs of the University and that the Library does not already hold a copy/copies.

  • In the case of larger collections, factors of space and physical condition are taken into consideration, along with any associated costs such as processing, conservation or cataloguing.

  • Donations, gifts and bequests become the property of the University. They are accepted on condition that any unwanted material may be sold or otherwise disposed of, according to our Donations policy.  In some instances, such as donations to the Special Collections, ownership of legal Title will need to be established prior to donation.  The Library is happy to consider the wishes of donors/testators; however donations may be refused if inappropriate conditions are attached.

  • The Library recognizes the need for co-operation and consultation between all collecting institutions and will take due account of the collecting policies of other institutions collecting in the same or related areas or subject fields.

  • If donations are refused, the Library may encourage the donor to offer the material to a more suitable library/institution if appropriate.

  • The Library is not able to accept unsolicited donations if they are not relevant to the collections and these may be sold or otherwise disposed of.