Using the Library

The basics

 Exeter Libraries


How many?


How long?

Recall or hold?






1 year

All loan periods are reduced to 7 days, when holds or recalls are in place

Yes, renew if not reserved 50 pence per day, when recalled




1 year




6 weeks




6 weeks

Everyone   4 x High demand, as part of your total 2 day none No renewals 50 pence per day
Everyone   4 x Audio visual, as part of your total 7 day none Yes, renew if not reserved 50 pence per day, when recalled
  • Standard : Print book or print journal
  • High Demand : Print book, print journal, DVD, other - Shelved in entrance area, marked with red dot
  • Videos (VHS) - Only staff are allowed to borrow VHS

Cornwall Libraries

Standard loan periods are the same with slight variation in High demand and Audio-visual material. please see Penryn Campus Library - Loan periods.

You can access your Library Record online at: 

Can I renew my loan?

Possibly, try to renew online. If you are unsuccessful it may be because:

  • the item is High demand which is not renewable
  • the item has been requested by someone else
  • the item is very overdue
  • you have library fines

You can also renew your items by:

How do I renew my books online?

  • Log in to your Library Record, either through Library Catalogue or  MyExeter (Library tab)
  • View items you have currently checked out
  • Click Renew All or Renew Selected
  • Confirm you wish to renew items
  • Click Yes to complete the process
  • Check if renewal was successful
    • The Status column will clearly state 'renewed' and show the new due date
    • If items are not renewed, a message will appear to warn you of this and the Status column will show the reason

How do I request an item?

Search the catalogue and find the title.  Check for an Available copy at your location.  If there is no copy available at your location, then click the Request button at the top of the screen. You'll be asked to log in using your username and password.

Choose your pick up location.

Read the information on the confirmation screen. You will receive an email when your books are ready to collect.

  • If the original due date is over a week away, the item will be recalled with an earlier due date. Once returned it will be reserved under your name.
  • If it's due back in less than a week, once returned it will be reserved for you so that no one else can take it.

Where do I collect my reservation?

Once the item you've requested has been returned, we'll send an email to let you know. 

  • Forum Library and St Luke's Library- Collect from the Reservations shelves and then borrow
  • Penryn - Ask at the library desk

Check your emails regularly. We hold a reservation for 3 days only.

How can I check the status of my reservations?

To see what items you have on reserve, check whether they're ready for collection or cancel reservations for items you no longer require, log in to your Library Record.

Click on the link marked X requests (holds) for details of your reservations.

Library resources may be needed by more than one person in a short space of time. To allow fair access for everyone, we operate a request system.  Books on loan to you can be requested by someone else, this results in either a recall or hold.

Recall - If someone places a request on a book you have borrowed (and the due date is more than 7 days away) this results in a recall.  You will get to keep the book for at least 7 days from the date you borrowed it.  The original due date will be shortened.  You will receive an email with the new due date.  You must return by the new due date.  You cannot renew.  Books can be recalled anytime, including during vacations.

Hold - If someone places a request on a book you have borrowed (and the due date is less than 7 days away) this results in a hold.  You will get to keep the book for at least 7 days from the date you borrowed it.  You must return by the due date.  You cannot renew.  


Type of overdueFine per item


  • Standard Loan with recall
  • High demand


  • 50p per day

 Pay your fines online

Whenever we need to contact you, we'll send a message to your University email address. You'll need to check this regularly.

Email notifications you'll receive from us include:

  • Reminders: The item listed in this message is due for return soon, prompting you to return or renew

  • Overdue emails: The item listed in this message has become overdue. After you've received 1 of these, it is no longer possible to renew your items online, so you'll need to contact us

  • Recall emails: The item listed in this message has been requested by someone else. Recalled items cannot be renewed and the due date may be reduced to 7 days.  Check your library record. Please return all recalled items as soon as possible as they are needed by someone else.

Help us make your University Libraries great places to study by respecting our rules and the study needs of the people around you.

Yes you can... and drink in most areas
Our food and drink policy allows drinks with lids and cold, unobtrusive snacks but no hot food anywhere. Please respect the silent study areas and do not eat noisy food in these rooms. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted. in our Group Study Rooms
Find the area that meets your needs. We have dedicated spaces for Group Work as well as for Quiet and Silent Study and more relaxed Breakout areas. Please respect the rules of the space you are using. for extended periods
Please use only one seat and leave room at large tables for someone else. It is ok to take a break when you are working for long periods, use a Take a break, don't take the mick card and always take valuables with you or lock them in a Forum locker.

...ask questions, we're here to help
Do you have a question? We have answers. For help with research, finding resources or if you need help getting the most out of our spaces, just ask!

Here are our Library Behaviour Guidelines if you wish to know more.