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Encore - Simple Library Catalogue Search

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This is our alternative catalogue search which we hope users find useful when searching for resources. Type in your search query and away you go.

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For more guidence on how to use Encore and its features, see the guidesheet or our Encore Captivate presentation. Alternatively, get in touch or come and see your subject librarian.



If you 'd like to know much more then why not visit the Encore website .  Here there is news about the latest features and you can listen to their Senior Product Manager talking about a few of Encore's features like facets and tag clouds, there’s also a fun search example about shoe shopping in a podcast entitled  Dinah Sanders on Three Challenges for New Discovery Tools

MOST IMPORTANT - We would welcome your feedback and comments on this service so please get in touch.  If you find things that don't work or you think the service can be improved or you just need help using this service then please contact -  

Sue Abbott 
E.mail :  S.K.M.Abbott@exeter.ac.uk 
Tel : 01392 725603